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Sea Lions LIVE show at SeaWorld California

“Sea Lions LIVE,” SeaWorld’s newest sketch comedy show, stars the park’s prankster-loving pinnipeds Clyde and Seamore who poke fun at popular TV shows such as “American Idol,” with their own rendition known as “Sea Lion Idol” and “Dancing with the Pinnipeds” (a parody of “Dancing with the Stars”).

Pakistani Prank Call To Baljinday Paji California

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Welcome to California University…of Pennsylvania! (Part 1 of 2) free fun video good college

Welcome to California University…of Pennsylvania! (Part 1 of 2) free fun video good college pranks pranks college fun april fools pranks new video Adam, Lucidi, Comedian, Comic, Stand, Up, New, York, City, Pittsburgh, California, University, Pennsylvania, Funny, Laugh, Interview, Library, School, Education, Titanic, Lighthouse, Books, Tour, Campus, Educational, Prank, Rock, Wall, Study, Degree, College, Learn, Civility, Responsibility

LEGOLAND California Staff Pranks General Manager

The Model Shop team at LEGOLAND California had a little fun today at General Manager Peter Ronchetti’s expense …the team replaced the GM’s Volvo XC60 with a life-sized LEGO XC90 made of 201076 LEGO bricks. The model was built in 2004 and weighs 2934 pounds. Imagine his surprise when he tried to leave for lunch!
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Preview of my new series, California Bound! (read for character descriptions)

READ!!! Selena: A spunky brunette. She is the between girl as her sisters call her because she tends to be put in the middle of every situation. She is the oldest of the three and ver outgoing. She considers herself a tomboy, loving to skateboard, surf and dirt bike. Demi: Mysterious Brunette. She is the shy one of the three but when you get her talking there is no stopping her.She is also the middle child. She’s most into her job at Paradise Smoothies, but loves to catch some waves. She comes out of her shell when she is in a comfortable enviorment with her sisters and close friends. Miley: The Mature Brunette. I say mature because she tends to act the oldest of the three, even though she is youngest. She is usaully put in charge of things. She is a perfectionist. In her eyes, if it’s not done right the first time, you must redo it till you get it right. She tends to order her sisters around but is trying hard to stop. She is the best surfer of the three, owning 10 surfing medals, but isn’t in a hurry to show them off. The Guys: Kevin:The Show Off Brunette. He is the oldest of the boys and is a HUGE show off. He is dissapointed when his parents send him to a beach in california for the summer. He is often the one to get into the tough situations. He is a killer snowboarder and has won many tropshies and doesn’t hesitate to let the world know. He doesn’t like trying new things which is why he tends to be stubborn. Joe: The Funny Brunette. He is the middle kid. He is also

Geologist Says Major Earthquake Imminent for California – Jim Berkland

Interviewer is Bil Carroll KFI 640 am Los Angeles Within days of the Sendai event, retired geologist Jim Berkland began sounding warnings that another earthquake could occur, specifically in California or off its coast, on or about March 19. Berkland has a remarkable reputation for earthquake forecasting; in fact, many credit him with predicting the Loma Prieta Earthquake of October 17, 1989, commonly known as the “World Series Earthquake” because many San Francisco residents, who otherwise might have become casualties, were in the Candlestick Park stadium at the time, anticipating Game 3 (later rescheduled). (On that account, only 67 people lost their lives, despite billion in damage.) Berkland had warned that such an event might occur days before. Now he points out at least four risk factors: 1. The moon will be not only full, but at perigee. In fact this will be the closest perigee that the moon will have for the next five years. Experts have recently had to accept the role of tidal forces in the triggering of earthquakes. (See Maya Tolstoy et al., “Breathing of the Seafloor: Tidal Correlations of Seismicity at Axial Volcano,” Geology, Vol. 30, June 2002, pp. 503–506.) 2. The next day will be the vernal equinox, which produces the equinoctial tides, another stressor on account of the earth’s axial inclination. 3. The California coast has recently seen a massive and unexplained fish kill. Such fish kills, and aberrant behavior of pets and livestock, have been
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The search for Earth-like planets is reaching a fever-pitch. Does the evidence so far help shed light on the ancient question: Is the galaxy filled with life, or is Earth just a beautiful, lonely aberration? If things dont work out on this planet Or if our itch to explore becomes unbearable at some point in the future Astronomers have recently found out what kind of galactic real estate might be available to us. Well have to develop advanced transport to land there, 20 light years away. The question right now: is it worth the trip? If things don’t work out on this planet… Or if our itch to explore becomes unbearable at some point in the future… Astronomers have recently found out what kind of galactic real estate might be available to us. We’ll have to develop advanced transport to land there, 20 light years away…. But that’s for later. The question right now: is it worth the trip? The destination is a star that you can’t see with your naked eye, in the southern constellation Libra, called Gliese 581. Identified over 40 years ago by the German astronomer Wilhelm Gliese, it’s a red dwarf with 31% of the Sun’s mass… and only 1.3% of its luminosity. Until recently, the so-called M Stars like Gliese 581 flew below the radar of planet hunters. They give off so little energy that a planet would have to orbit dangerously close just to get enough heat. Now, these unlikely realms are beginning to show some promise… as their dim light yields to precision technologies
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You Are A Pirate – California Yacht Club, Marina del Ray

At the FreeSkypePranks office, it was yet another boring day. And we wanted to be PIRATES!
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SpoofCalls – California Pizza Kitchen, Topanga

I call another CPK restaurant, this time in Topanga. Similar to my other CPK video except this one is at a mall, and it should be pretty obvious as to where it is…
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SpoofCalls – California Pizza Kitchen, Tarzana

I call a CPK restaurant and ask for directions, when I say that I’m already close. (essentially on the same street) It gets pretty hysterical. At one point I talk to an employee, who does not even know how to get to the restaurant itself.

Katy Perry “California Gurls” to Squirrels Official Parody Music Video

California Gurls “California Squirrels Parody Music video. This is part of our official parody music video that we are currently working on. All instruments, drums, and effects were created by us using Mixcraft 5.1 audio / video editor and a keyboard. All vocals performed by us as well. This is supposed to be a spoof video so of course our singing is not going to be up to standards or a regular music video. Do you think Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg work good together? Think you can be creative and enter our contest and have a chance to win! How about getting noticed by thousands of people in a few hours? We are holind a best parody music video contest to see who can come up with the most creative and best “California Gurls” music video parody. Keep in mind we did not do our best with the singing and keyboarding, just did not have the time to put enough effort into it but to win this contest be sure to put lots of effort into the music video. Ours was called California Squirrels and we also thought about California Rolls! This contest is running for 30 days. Katy’s new album, ‘Teenage Dream,’ will be released August 24th in the US and Canada; August 30th worldwide. Be sure to visit our channel this friday evening to see the latest prank video! Audition for acting or singing and be on TV. See how by visiting our auditions website at Our complete california girlz parody music video and MP3 files will be available for download soon. See our

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