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Walmart Bathroom Prank Call – OwnagePranks

I called walmart with a British accent and claimed I was in the bathroom taking a poo and there wasn’t any toilet paper. Epic sound effects. Please become my facebook fan! Register on my site please! Follow me on twitter! http
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Pac man Aracde machine prank call


Sports Authority Prank Call

i call sports authority about a ridiculous product

Funniest Prank Calls – PRANK CALL LOL HILARIOUS – Pest Control

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Hilarious Call of Duty Prank Call!

Check it out!
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SHIT On My Doorstep!!! – Angry Man! Hilarious Prank Call!

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Why companies should not have their call centres ovrseas 3/3

Indian telemarketer rings me up trying to sell me a holiday, I had nothing better to do so I decided to mess around with him for a bit, he even tried to ask me to steal my mums credit card details and give them to him over the phone, just check out how dodgy these guys are! I know its long and I had to cut it up into 3 parts but trust me its worth listening to the whole thing… me and my friends were cracking up over msn listening to it so enjoy!! plz watch and rate, thanks =]

Raged 7-Eleven Indian Prank Call very funny

very angry indian 7eleven owner very funny must see does not mean to offend made by ownage pranks
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Walmart Bathroom Prank Call w/ SUBTITLES – OwnagePranks

I called a Walmart and told the lady that I was in the bathroom and there wasn’t any toilet paper. Become my facebook fan! Follow me on Twitter! Add me on MySpace! Subtitles by DjMuffs
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Raged 7-Eleven Indian Prank Call – OwnagePranks

Please become my facebook fan! I call this 7-Eleven location once, then I call them back the next day and speak to another employee. The ending is hilarious, and as you will hear I pretty much lost it. You can listen to more content at Also check out , and the forums we have there.

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