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The Wall of Death at Carters Steam Fair Part 2

A video of The Wall of Death at Carters Steam Fair, shot on 27th June 2010 in Clissold Park, London.

Different Breed by Carter’s Chord

For all you strong woman out there…who are just a little different than all of the other girls…you will love this song!!! I would much rather be, hated for who I am, than be loved for someone Im not. I am who I am, and thats something you could never be, what makes us different, is what makes us beautiful! This is definitely not a professional video and the song is not mine…but I had fun making the video. I’ve looked all over to find the full song with a different video but had no luck. I love the song so much I decided to add it on here…hope you enjoy!! Song Lyrics They’ve got shiny cars and polished nails Yeah, those girls they’ve got everything right They’ve got fancy clothes, perfect hair, steady lives But I don’t They’re the first to send out thank you notes They’ve got well kept homes to entertain They’ll do anything just to please you But I won’t If these are the girls that you choose What makes you think I’d be good for you Chorus: Can you tell me baby What do you see in me I’m a fast ride I’m a crashing tide and I’m crazy Can you tell me baby What do you see in me You’ve loved a long line of consistency I’m a different breed Every time you take me out boy We see another girl whose held your hand And she acts like she doesn’t care with me But I know.. She don’t like the way I look on you I make her nervous ’cause I don’t fit in With my deep brown eyes, cigarette, cowboy boots I stand alone Baby I wonder if you know what You’re getting yourself into Repeat
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Dixie Carter’s “Exorcise” Video

Dixie Carter channels Linda Blair’s demonic spirit in this unintentionally hilarious “Unworkout” video released in 1992.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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