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court case gone wrong

Do you love a great drama? then this is for you. It also works if you love comedy !!

Drugs Found In Bass Case Prank Call

An old prank call done over year and a half ago. This is when the pranks were made using Jared’s Cell phone. That is why the audio quality is not as good as our newer videos. This prank call almost was forgoten about until our friend Brian reminded us of it! *NO LIVE SHOW THIS WEEK* this video should hold you over until next Friday 😉
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tyler Dominates The White Castle CRAVE CASE in 7 Minutes!1

in under 20 minutes, can he eat 30?? some is fast forward to get through.

What’s in the Box? Episode 009 – The Geeks Get the Robotector Case for the iPhone 4

Welcome to another episode of What’s in the Box? where our hosts Maxine and Mario receive a daily product from their sponsors and review it on the spot. Not only that, their sponsors provide them with things to give away so comment below for your chance to win today’s prize! A winner will be announced 3/17/11. Today’s item is from— the Robotector silicone case for the iPhone 4! You can check out full product details here:

Case of the Technical Knockout – Solar Flares, etc

Eighth segment of NASA Sci Files The Case of the Technical Knockout explaining the different type of solar flares and how solar activity affects the Earth.

The Telemarketer 3 – A Cold Call Case Murder

calls from the same telemarketing quality assurance tape, sometime in the late 90’s ( yes i was eventually fired!)
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Demonic Possession Paranormal Case

Dan LaFave and Connie LaFave of Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations helped on this past true case. Also, don’t expect Exorcist, because this is not the way that true possession events happen. There are certain signs to look for and this client did have many of those signs, unknown tests on the client were conducted to determine this. To describe the atmosphere in this room, it was intense throughout the night, you had to be there to feel the evil. The Catholic church was also very involved with us as to helping our clients overcome this very difficult situation and an exorcism rite was later ordered by the church diocese. Included here is a very short account of both audio and video of what actually occurred to give you an idea. This case was and is confidential as all to the people involved. This video is to show people reality of this. With demonic possession cases, people are taken over by other things and their personalities, behavioral, and their physical traits change……..a totally different entity.


Follow a real investigation into Poltergeist activity at a secret UK location. This is part of a video diary which will be continueously updated throughout our investigations.The diaries are completed by Mia Dolan (Haunted Homes), Mark Webb (Haunted Homes and Living With The Dead), Craig Darroch and Natalie Lawrence.The family whose identities will remain anonymous have given us exclusive access to the house.Please continue to check our channel for future updates. This video remains the copyright of Project Poltergeist.
Video Rating: 2 / 5

Casey Anthony: Trial to be Scheduled for Check Fraud Case Orlando criminal lawyer Richard Hornsby interview with FOX-WOFL reporter Holly Bristow about the significance of Casey Anthony’s check fraud case being scheduled before her murder trial.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SYZ Jinn Jadoo Case: Surya jin , jadu, ghost, evil, kala jadu,magic

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