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It’s a spoon game where you prank one of your friends. It consist of the two people holding spoons in their mouths and hitting each other on the top of their heads with the spoons in their mouths. But what the prankee doesn’t know is that there’s someone behind him with a third spoon WACKING them as hard as they want. The person will think that you’re just an expert at the game…SIIIIKKKEEE!! LMAO!! GOOD LAUGHS!!
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Ned Calls prison to ask if they caught the escapee yet

Ned Calls prison to ask if they caught the escapee yet
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Indian voice Prank call, guy caught cheating part 1

Me and my cousin, randomly call one of his former students.. who has a girlfriend, but only to find out that he is desperate for some love… LOL .. we had to call him back and record.. the first part was unrecorded but it was still as hilarious as this one.. For those who are confused: we called him the first time… it went unrecorded.. so we hung up.. and we called again, cause it was just too hilarious and we had to record it.

Super Mario Galaxy Playthrough Episode 58: Caught in the Loop

Got killed by the same thing.

Caught Cheating With Sexy Girl Prank NEW 2012 !!!

For once it’s actually the “It’s not what it looks like” excuse is actually the truth. Innocent men looking for a new shirt get more than they bargained for when their wives and girlfriends notice some red lipstick on their neck. Things go from bad to worse when a sexy girl comes out of the change room with a satisfied look on her face. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra cachée la plus comique de la télé!
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deer caught in swing

Top 25 TV Shows Based on : Katie, Katie and Orbie, Katie Couric: ‘All Access’ Grammy Special, Katie Joplin, Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold, Katrina: The Long Road Back, Katt Williams: It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’, Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1, Kaw, Kay Kyser’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge, Kay O’Brien, Kaya, Kaz, Keefer, Keen Eddie, Keep America Singing, Keep On Cruisin’, Keep On Truckin’, Keeper of the City, Keeper of the Wild, Keepers, Keepers of the Wild, Keepers: A Job Behind Bars, Keeping Secrets, Keeping Time: New Music from America’s Roots
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Caught Sleep Talking!

New Public Trollin this Saturday! Instagram- (Makemebad3535) Over the past month, I kept a log in this phone app of me sleep talking. I’ve been told I talk in my sleep so I thought I’d give it a go. I had no idea I pretty much say something in my sleep every single night. So today, I release the mumbles, weird sounds, and everything else I say in my sleep! Yes, everything is 100% real. Video inspired by my friend Myles! I only intended to DL the app after watching his video and testing it. But after a week I knew I would have to make a video eventually! I’m sure some of you are going to want to see if you talk in your sleep. Just search “sleep talk” in the apps for your phone. My Main Channel: Facebook: Twitter:
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So I had to get Jeana back for what she did to me. The only way to get even was to make her feel like she was cheated on, but I had to take it to the next level by getting Jenna Marbles in on it. So while we were out partying I was acting shady and hiding from Jeana all night. When the time came, I snuck off with Jenna Marbles and Charles Trippy to our hotel room. Alli was told to trick Jeana into thinking she needed to borrow something from our room. Being that Alli is a vlogger, having the camera on was natural to Jeana. PAYBACK SAAAAN! Please go subscribe to these awesome people for helping me with the prank. CTFxC – Jenna Marbles – Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Jesse’s Google + T-shirts Our Mailing address: PrankvsPrank PO Box 2106 Voorhees, NJ 08043
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Reindeer Humping – CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

Stalk, Mount, Light, Run! Those are the four easy steps for reindeer humping. The Holiday sport of Rearranging Christmas decorations in a more realistic position. It is a dangerous sport with alot of near misses but it is the adrenaline rush you get the minute that light comes on. We caught it all on film!

shati girl sing baby by justin bieber caught on cam

ashanti bandillo caught on cam singing her favorite song baby by justin bieber
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