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♥ Caylee Marie Anthony ♥ Never Alone ♥

PLEASE READ: This video i made is in remembrance of a lovely little girl who will hopefully someday have justice. i cried making this video because poor little Caylee never got justice! i am horrified at the thought of her mother who i believe is a murderer has been found not guilty! She took her own little girls life so she could live it up! caylee is only a baby xxlolly91
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Caylee Marie Anthony’s Picture On Poster Shows Red Marks 7/17/11

Is this a sign from Caylee?

Cindy and Casey Anthony’s Calls to 911 about the Protesters – Sept 18 – Caylee Marie Anthony

Full 911 calls both Cindy and Casey made to 911 about protester problems outside their home. Related to Caylee Marie Anthony missing Orlando, Florida child.
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MUST WATCH!! Caylee Anthony – If I Die Young – Perry – LIKE LIKE – SHARE SHARE – REPOST!!

This video contains 3 photos of Casey Anthony. NOT PUT IN FOR GLORIFICATION….Note that Caylee Anthony is in HEAVEN, she holds no grudges. The first two photos of Casey are when Caylee was born and the last of Casey Anthony is a shot of her in the courtroom. Please note the lyrics with this photo, states “penny for your thoughts, oh no, I’ll sell them for a dollar”, so NOT intended to glorify….but to show truth in this horrible tragedy… PLEASE LIKE!! Please feel free to post this video to everyone that you possibly can. I made this video with such inspiration for this little angel. All I ask is that you do not copy, I worked very hard and this was created with the inspiration… Feel free to contact me at
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The Caylee Casey Anthony Case & Caylee’s Song

I made this video [as my first youtube video EVER] when I had just turned 20 years old. I hate how I inserted a pic of myself at the end of it. I’m sorry if it looks tacky, but I am not and never would be trying to promote myself. I can see how my motives might appear otherwise, though. In retrospect, I admit that the pic at the end of the video was an immature thing to do. I hope it doesn’t take away from my genuine passion in this case. Thanks. Lyrics to song: Please lead me and take my hand Why are we searching when Caylee’s gone? Stop lying, where is Caylee? CHORUS: Every time we try to say goodbye Without you here we start to cry I guess we feel you Caylee And every time we see you in our dreams We see your face resting in peace I guess we feel you Caylee We make believe that you are here It’s the only way we’ll see clear What’s Casey done? She seems to move uneasy CHORUS Casey can try to lie “Please believe me” Her jealousy caused you pain And she’s still not sorry Oh At night we pray that soon you’ll come back home someday CHORUS Video created by: Raechel Celeste Kitchens Lyrics/Vocals: Raechel Celeste Kitchens & Thanks for visiting!

Photos show Caylee Anthony in pool

Defense attorneys for Casey Anthony showed jurors several photos on Friday that they hope bolster their argument that Caylee Anthony drowned and wasn’t murdered.

Psychics Suzanne and Jean Vincent Profiling Why Casey Anthony Killed Caylee on WPXI

Psychic Celebrity Investigators Suzanne and Jean Vincent on WPXI on Channel 11 with host Mike Romeigh on Night Talk 10/27/09 in Pittsburgh, PA discussing the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony and assisting Dominic Casey, Luke Phillps, Ginette Lucas” Profiling the person who we felt murdered her, Casey Anthony and giving detailed descriptions on where Caylee Anthony body would be located near Suburban ave. A&E Psychic Investigator about dentist John Yelenic being murdered by PA State Police Officer Kevin Foley” “COURTESY OF NIGHT TALK WPXI PCNC 10/27/09 2009”

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