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Coast To Coast AM: Solar Storms, Economic Collapse, and Gerald Celente News 8/19/11

Prepare while you still can!! CurrencyOfTheFuture.US Coast To Coast AM Solar Storms, Economic Collapse, and Gerald Celente News 8/19/11 Do you have storable food reserves yet? If you visit my website (link below) and watch the ‘video tour’ I will send you 12 FREE servings of…
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NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory filmed images of a large solar flare on February 24 2011. The (M3.6 rating) event is not the strongest solar flare ever recorded but was still big enough to kick up a huge tendril of plasma, known as a solar prominence. The entire eruption lasted for about 90 minutes. Thursday’s flare was the latest in a recent series of of sun storm emissions, but its blast was directed away from the Earth and is not expected to pose any disruption to satellites or other electronic systems. Scientists use a three tier system to classify solar flares; Class X are the largest and most powerful, Class M are medium but still considered very large, while Class C are the weakest..” RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
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Gerald Celente Wikileaks exposes doublespeak.flv

Thisvideo clip is part of the first day of news coverage following the release of cablegate by Wikileaks, Der Spegigel, Guardian, New York Times and many other news organizations. A few hours before the initial release Wikileaks sent out this message via Twitter: El Pais, Le Monde, Speigel, Guardian & NYT will publish many US embassy cables tonight, even if WikiLeaks goes down Wikileaks began on Sunday November 28th publishing 251287 leaked United States embassy cables, the largest set of confidential documents ever to be released into the public domain. The documents will give people around the world an unprecedented insight into US Government foreign activities. The cables, which date from 1966 up until the end of February this year, contain confidential communications between 274 embassies in countries throughout the world and the State Department in Washington DC. 15652 of the cables are classified Secret. The embassy cables will be released in stages over the next few months. The subject matter of these cables is of such importance, and the geographical spread so broad, that to do otherwise would not do this material justice. The cables show the extent of US spying on its allies and the UN; turning a blind eye to corruption and human rights abuse in “client states”; backroom deals with supposedly neutral countries; lobbying for US corporations; and the measures US diplomats take to advance those who have access to them. This document release reveals the


Book 11 “The Sermon of the Angel” SAINT BRIDGET PATRON SAINT OF EUROPE Chapter 12 PART I Wednesday – Third Reading In Father, Son and Holy Ghost, there is only the one Divinity. There is ever the one divine will. A fire with three flames is but the one fire. The three flames of love in God are the one love of his will, burning to fulfil his one divine purpose. The love of the Father was seen most brightly by the Angels when they knew his will to give his Son for the redemption of man. The love of the Son proceeding from the Father was seen most brightly when the son willed to deprive himself of his glory and take the form of a slave. The love of the Holy Spirit was seen most brightly in that readiness to make known in many ways the one will of the Three. All heaven was ablaze with these flames of God’s love, to the delight of the Angels. Yet all heaven must wait; must wait for the coming of Mary. The redemption of man, willed and foreseen by God, could not take place without her. A flame of divine love was to be kindled in Mary which would rise up to God and return so filled with his love that no corner of this world would be left cold and in darkness. When Mary was born, she was like a new lamp, all ready to be lit; to be lit by God with a light burning like the three-fold flame of his own love. The first flame of her lover was her choice, for God’s glory, to be ever a virgin. So pleasing was this to the Father that he willed to entrust to her his beloved Son, that Son

Gerald Celente Predicts 2010 Will be The Summer of Terror on Alex Jones Tv 2/5

Alex dissects yesterday’s Dow stock market meltdown with trends forecaster Gerald Celente.Celente is the publisher of the Trends Journal and is a business consultant and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events.
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This is the most important and comprehensive video you will ever see. Dr.Deagle is a highly intelligent whistle-blower with info that you need to know about 911, nutrition, extraterrestrails, New World Order, Moon Base, Mars colony, Deep Underground Military Bases, super soldiers, GMO, Illuminati 4th dimensional workings, even modified attack baboons.

Gerald Celente expect World Riots Ghost Malls and a Revolution in This Country for more
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