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Cinnamon Challenge FAIL

Hey guys, this is my first video that my friend had talked me into doing…I’m guessing he was trying to kill me. LOL. But anyways guys. like or subscribe. I am now going to be posting videos more often for you guys =) comment with any ideas for another challenge!
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International YouTube Challenge (Phillip)

Chug two 24oz cans of Bud Light Chelada competitor with the fastest time wins. Oh and your competition is the entire world!
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Cinnammon Challenge !! Lmaoo

awsome cinnammon challeng eme and my friend hilarious video lol
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Gallon Challenge Inside Mcdonalds Edit #2

Better quality than the first edit
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MaeyiNaga – Cinnamon Challenge

Never again -.- lol Naga’s Input: I look bald in this u_ u Love you baby xx
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Jelly Bean Challenge

Playing a Game of “Bean Boozled” where you spin to pick what could either be a regular jelly bean or a nasty one!
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Cinnamon Challenge Funny!! Guy does Cinnamon Challenge For Cigarettes Lol

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Sprite and Banana Challenge Vid 1.

Blah Blah Blah Tell me what to write here?
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Extreme Challenge Face Off 2

What? You wanted EVEN MORE crazy, daring, mundane, amazing face offs for epically normal combatants to challenge each other with?!?! WELL YOU GOT IT!!!! You definitely don’t want to miss this mega-showdown :)
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