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Top China prank call – Buddha

Jason pranks calls Top China Buffet, and asks to speak to Buddha.
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Chickety China the Chinese Chicken-Jerky Boys Prank Calls

Chickety Chinese the Chinese Chicken Jerky Boys Prank Calls lol!!

Chickity China the Chinese Chicken-PrAnK cAlLs

There will soon be more pranks soon, these are real people, not planned or anything!
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( Trotes Talentos – China McClain e Adam Hicks em “Prank Stars”

O episódio foi exibido no dia 6 de dezembro de 2011 às 19:15 no Zapping Zone no Disney Channel.
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Prank Calls by Ownage. China Fun Restaurant.


China King Prank Call – CHIN CHIN DIED? – PrankCallCtiy ’12

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US: We update DAILY! A very short prank call! We hope you enjoy 😀 You must watch the whole entire video or else you may miss some of the funniest parts! So please watch and if you liked it click the “Like Button” and if you want to be updated when new videos come out but us click the “Subscribe Button” above! Thanks 😀 If you have ANY prank call ideas please message it to us! We read ALL our messages! And comments 😀

Ownpranks – Asian CHINA FUN Restaurant SUBTITLED

asian CHINA FUN restaurant prank call
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A “HAARP” attack in China?

Over a period of almost two days (May 9-10, 2008) numerous prominences and extensions danced above the Sun’s edge as seen in the extreme UV wavelength by the STEREO (behind) spacecraft. Some of these broke away from the Sun and others were forced by magnetic forces back into the Sun. But near the clip’s end a narrow burst of material can be seen shooting out of an active region near the Sun’s edge. Scientists describe it as a small coronal mass ejection. Solar Explosion (wikipedia) Solar flares are an example of explosion common on the Sun, and presumably on most other stars as well. The energy source for solar flare activity comes from the tangling of magnetic field lines resulting from the rotation of the Sun’s conductive plasma.

Full Total Solar eclipse 2009 – July 22 2009 Inida China Asia

For Orkut Glitter Scraps Please Visit The Glitter Scraps in this blog will never go to the Orkut Spambox ********About The Solar Eclipse******** Total Solar Eclipse-the longest in 2009 of people in Asia will see the longest total solar eclipse this century on Wednesday as swaths of India and China are plunged into darkness. Scores of amateur stargazers and scientists will travel long distances for the eclipse, which will last for about five minutes. The eclipse will first appear in the Gulf of Khambhat just north of Mumbai. It will move east across India, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China before hitting the Pacific. The eclipse will cross some southern Japanese islands and will last be visible from land at Nikumaroro Island in the South Pacific nation of Kiribati. Elsewhere, a partial eclipse will be visible across much of Asia. The previous total eclipse, in August 2008, lasted two minutes and 27 seconds. This one will last six minutes and 39 seconds at its maximum point. Alphonse Sterling, a Nasa astrophysicist who will be following the eclipse from China, scientists are hoping data from the eclipse will help explain solar flares and other structures of the sun and why they erupt. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is fully or partially covered. This can only happen during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from the Earth. At least two and up to five solar

Behind the scenes ANT Farm with China Ann McClain

Ya so behind the scenes!

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