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Paz en el okinawua churaumi aquarium

okinawua churaumi aquarium
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Okinawa churaumi aquarium
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Aquário Churaumi – Okinawa – Japan 1

Amei ,muito lindooo!!! Kawaiii!!! 2008 – By Bina
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2008 – BY BINA

vers des sable au japon (bizarre) aquarium churaumi okinawa

vers des sable au japon (bizarre)aquarium churaumi okinawa
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tortue marine aquarium churaumi Okinawa Japon + kawai

tortue marine aquarium churaumi Okinawa Japon avec des japonaises qui crient kawai

Churaumi aquarium – vasca tropicale

Churaumi aquarium, Okinawa, Japan Vasca tropicale
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Playing BeatMaster with “Oki-chan” at Chura-umi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan

BeatMaster for iPhone/iPod touch is the specialized software for all of rhythm beginners – professional musicians to develop good sense of rhythm with fun. The click notes of BeatMaster NEVER played on downbeat. All the click notes of BeatMaster are played on off-beat timing with 8th or 16th note feel. Feel the downbeat by yourself with those guidance notes played by BeatMaster. If you keep training with this style, you will surely get good and solid sense of rhythm. If you want to test your sense of rhythm, use Scoring Mode. Tap the Tap Me button on downbeat position, though BeatMaster plays click notes on off-beat timing. Then BeatMaster shows you accuracy of your downbeat timing with score and graph.


오키나와 츄라우미 수족관에서.. 살아있는 동안 한번은 가겠다 했는데 소원성취. 감동의 물결. 生きてるうちに一度は行こうと思ってたのに もう夢かなった。
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Chura-Umi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan

Churaumi Suizokukan, Okinawa, Japan
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