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Cinnamon Challenge FAIL

Hey guys, this is my first video that my friend had talked me into doing…I’m guessing he was trying to kill me. LOL. But anyways guys. like or subscribe. I am now going to be posting videos more often for you guys =) comment with any ideas for another challenge!
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MaeyiNaga – Cinnamon Challenge

Never again -.- lol Naga’s Input: I look bald in this u_ u Love you baby xx
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ULTIMATE CHALLENGES (Cinnamon, Gallon, Chubby Bunny, Raw Egg, Etc.)

Click to Tweet | LIKE | Favorite | Please Share Facebook Page| Follow me on Twitter | Today, we took on the worlds hardest challenges, and took them all to the next level. We don’t goof around when it comes down to this stuff! Watch us compete in the Cinnamon Challenge, The Gallon Challenge, Chubby Bunny, The Raw Egg & EZ Cheese Challenge, The Dizzy Splatter Run Challenge, and the Syrup Flour Race. As you can see we made up some of our own challenges, and there are plenty more where they came from. Try and beat our Challenges and see if you can do any better! Follow all of us on Twitter @JStuStudios @JacobLeggett @Brotherboo22 @ColtonShibe27 Thank you for Subscribing! Subscribe to my 2nd Channel if you would like to see some behind the scenes and extras and keep up to date with what goes on in our lives! HOYEHH! Ultimate Challenges, gallon challenge, cinnamon challenge, food challenges

Cinnamon Challenge Funny!! Guy does Cinnamon Challenge For Cigarettes Lol

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David eats a tablespoon of cinnamon

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Best Cinnamon Challenge Prank (Vinegar and Cayenne Pepper w/ Epic Fails)

The Ultimate Cinnamon Challenge Prank (Vinegar and Cayenne Pepper). I pranked my friends in this video. Wait and see the Vinegar part! They had no idea that I put cayenne pepper and mexican chili powder in the cinnamon! To top it off, they wanted water but I gave them Vinegar instead! Watch their hilarious reactions!! There is only one winner in this video. Music by Christopher 5 Follow us @ Thanks to all those that helped!

laura cinnamon prank

cinnamon prank
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Firehouse Pranks The Cinnamon Dragon

Our Lt. steps up to the plate after all the talk that it is impossible to take down a tablespoon of cinnamon.
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The best cinnamon challenge by grandma

The best cinnamon challenge by grandma
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I told him he was going to get a million hits if he could swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon without drink lol sounds pretty easy but it’s not, see for yourself.. go ahead prove me wrong PLEASE i’d love to see it done 😉

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