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Tubegranny Classic – Walmart Prank Call

* * Please READ * * This video has been posted 100 here on youtube without my permission. And I’ve had every account deleted because of the fact. Hell, ask me and I just might let you have it! It’s also been passed around the world via MP3 and titled as a product of Rick Smiley’s… Lmao… NOT Hardly!

Classic Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call: “Unbeweavable”

Video Rating: 4 / 5


Serial prankster and part time windee licker Hooly, performs another specsaver moment in Mcintyre hairdressing, Union Street, Dundee…Jan 2009…Is this no the playpark hahaha! for more hilarious videos like this, log onto my website

Classic Zolar Prank Call School Girl Prank

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Video Rating: 0 / 5

Funny, Classic prank

This is a classic 4.07 7-54.82 Io “Fake Virus” It’s just a cool prank to pull on your friends I AM NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY THING YOU DO WITH THIS PROGRAM the download link is: If you haven’t noticed this is a smaller version of another video like this :)
Video Rating: 1 / 5

Classic and Easy Prank (HIP)

This is an easy and classic prank. I decide to have a thing going on called HIP- Household Items Pranks…instead of pranks that ask for limited things and expensive items. On my show I will be showing pranks, recipes, and funny shows. Please check out my channel. I AM NEW!!!. Subscribe, Comment, and Like!!! Luv you all!!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Classic Prank on my Boyfriend

I taped the little shower thing and convinced him to go wash the dishes. haha
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Classic Christmas Prank

I LOOOOVE IT!!! hahah, the boys faces were priceless!!! as well as kuya johns when he seen all that trash flying! hhahaha sorry kids, but SIIIIKE your mind! they looked sooo happy until they found out what was really going on… =D

CPVids S1 – Club Penguin – Classic Penguin Pranks

What a gorgeous day on April Fools’ Day in Penguin Land! A perfect day for, non-stop pranking! Furburgurry and Bigglez decide to team up to prank the whole Club Penguin! Will they go down in history as the all time best prankers? Or will they be caught in their own trap and be banned for being rude?
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Classic Prank

we pulled this classic prank on my brother

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