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Zendaya & Cody Simpson On PrankStars

Cody’s Full Interview: Zendaya’s Interview: – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Hey hey! I’m Dana Ward and this is ClevverTV. Today we’re super excited to fill you in about a star-studded upcoming episode of PrankStars. The Disney Channel show is set to feature Zendaya and Cody Simpson. To break it down, the So Random star is set to pretend that her family’s new pirate-themed restaurant is short-staffed and one of her biggest fans is totally being pranked and needs to fill-in! About the episode, Zendaya told us exclusively that she was most surprised that QUOTE ‘people will go out of their way to help someone or will do whatever it takes to be there for someone or help someone out. And that was definitely what she did, you know, we were apparently, “wink-wink,” short-staffed and she stepped in and she did all these crazy things so that we would get a good review.’ And Cody actually just filled us in about his particular prank. Here’s what he had to say. So there ya go. The much anticipated episode of PrankStars with Cody Simpson and Zendaya. You can check it out on the Disney Channel Friday September 23 at 8 pm eastern pacific. Thanks again for checking out ClevverTV. I’m Dana Ward in Hollywood. See you next time!
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Prank stars Cody simpson

Cody Simpsons prank

Cody Simpson on Disney Prank Stars

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Cody, are you sleeping?

After night of hardcore drinking in downtown New Orleans, our friend Cody, dissapeared with a group of women later on in the night, eager to bust in on him getting some, instead we found him out cold in a alcoholic-coma, thats where the magic happened…

Cody Y Tu: Una Historia De Amor – My First Kiss (Novela)

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