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Coffee Surprise

Mountain Dew in the Coffee… Wonder how that tasted.. HAHA
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I Love Coffee!!! Prank

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Awesome Coffee Prank for Office

Very Funny Coffee Prank

Nibiru Anunnaki – Some Truth For Your Coffee !!!!

Nibiru Anunnaki – Some Truth For Your Coffee !!!!
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Single Ladies (Coffee house acts)

Me(Mecci), Eric and Christlo dancing to single ladies at the north high talent show. The begining is the MCs dancing then we waited for them to start the music, they kept playing around with the song so it keeps stoping, at the end they stoped it and we finished it r selfs.

Drive Thru Smokey Coffee

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Coffee Vendor Pranks (LOL)

Funny Pranks in Coffee Shop See and LOL

Cabela WV Run 2010 with Pittsburgh Cars & Coffee and S2K Club

S2K & PCC Cabela’s Car Show in West Virginia. This is the car show portion–the trek will be posted separately. Was an interesting day… Everything that won was GM or Ford! LOL.
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Coffee And Cereal

My bright idea to pitch to Starbucks of using Coffee instead of milk in my cereal at 3a.m. in the morning of course! Watch to find out how it went!
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My husband first thing in the morning. Check out the cool hairdo at the back of his head! lol
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