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shock collar drops big black guy

lol.. video is out of sync/
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Epic Beard Man Meets Electric Bark Collar – Easter Jam 2011

Easter Jam 2011 gets off to a bang when Jon and Matt decide to try out a bark collar on themselves, resulting in great shock. This is hilarious, check it out for sure.

barking collar test..!

Crystal tries out the dogs barking collar before the dog!!
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Available Dog Training Tools to Train Dogs to Behave Appropriately – Dog Training Leash and Collar – Providing Your Dog With Effective Training

Available Dog Training Tools to Train Dogs to Behave Appropriately – Dog Training Leash and Collar – Providing Your Dog With Effective Training

Bringing home a dog involves much more than just providing it with love, care and other basic necessities. To make the dog a good pet, a great deal of training may be required, so that it behaves in a desirable manner. Some dog breeds can be easily trained, while some may require the dog owner to put a lot of effort and time into training the dog. Although, professional dog trainers can be hired to do the job for you, training the dog yourself can strengthen the bond between the two of you and can be a learning experience for both. Many tools for training dogs are available to facilitate this. Listed below are some of the easy to use and dog-friendly training tools.

Dog Training Leash and Collar
The simplest tool for training your dog is the leash and the collar. It might sound surprising, but the dog’s leash and collar can be the easiest to use, for training your dog when outdoors. As far as the dog leash is concerned, a shorter leash ensures better control over the dog. There are automatic recoil leashes available that can be used to adjust the length of the leash. Various types of collars like no bark collars, remote operated collars, beeper and tracking collars, chain collars, etc. are available for obedience training.

Dog Fencing
Dog fences are essential when you want to contain the dog to your premises, so that you don’t have to deal with annoyed neighbors. Apart from the conventional fences, electric dog fences can be very useful for this purpose. The invisible electric dog fence trains the dog to refrain from venturing out of home, by producing beeping sounds, and if the dog still tries to move out, a mild static shock is delivered.

A clicker is a small plastic device with a metal piece inside, which when squeezed and released produces a clicking noise. This device can be useful when you train the dog to follow commands and instructions, as the clicking noise attracts the dog’s attention towards you. The dog will also be able to recognize this noise after a few days of use, which will enable you to track your dog, in case it goes wandering about.

Dog Crates
Dog crates are used to train the dogs in the housebreaking process. Dog crate training also enables the dog to have a place of its own in the house, especially when it is left alone in the house for long hours. You can place soft comfortable blankets, a bowl of water and something to chew onto so that the dog feels comfortable in the crate.

Dog Training Treats
Dog training treats encourage dogs to follow commands, so that they earn the treat. The treat should be something that is not included in the dog’s daily diet, like liver, chews, biscuits, cheese bites, etc. The dog would want to be rewarded with the treat, which will encourage it to perform the task well.

Muzzles are used to train dogs who incessantly barking, biting and chewing problems. The dog’s mouth is covered which prevents it from barking, biting and chewing onto anything that comes its way.

Apart from the above-mentioned training tools, a number of books are also available that can guide you, on providing your dog with effective training. To produce the desirable behavior, make the training an enjoyable experience for your dog and treat it with love and respect.

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A hilarious scene from the blue collar comedy tour: the movie by Ron White. All Scenes are property of WHV. This video also contains content wich is owned by WMG.

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