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College Survival Tips

Me and Kelsey

Stupid College Ideas for Everyone (I’ve Seen Better Days)

Want a lesson in what NOT to do at college??? well here are quite a few. (These are just random clips that i got from freshman and sophmore year at school. People just don’t learn do they??? The quality is pretty cruddy…so sorry. But i liked it anyway.)
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College prank gone wrong 2012

Can you say dookie surprise


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College Prank: Duct Tape Mattress under Bed

Our wing of our dorm decided to duct tape one our friends mattress to the bottom on his bed haha look for the video of his coming back to see his mattress gone!
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College Valentine’s Day Prank

What’s in the box??
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Guy prank abducted from a college tour

The funniest thing about this is that no one seems to care…
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College team falls for wardrobe prank

Watch Here: College team falls for wardrobe prank Basketball players at St. Joseph’s are thrown for a loop when they’re forced to be fitted for special uniforms.

Prank college guys

me and my friends pranked some college guys by acting like i hit my eye on a pole while me and my friend were racing.

College Dorm Door Canning V2 Prank

A quick test canning session right before quiet hours at 11pm. Over 400 cans used.
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