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NEW! Comet Comedy Theme Song

Who can resist McDonalds fast food? How about FREE McDonald’s? We have a free offer at : Comet Comedy’s Theme Song “Song of Awesomeness” Copyright 2011. End Credits Song is “Nyan Cat” by Whoever Created That Song And Video

Super Mario Galaxy 2 100% – Yoshi Star Comet – Spiny Rainbow Romp

Although the change is minor, one of the critical changes for Prankster Comets is that time does NOT continue running when you unlock the star. There is no last-second dash to get the star, or to position yourself near it strategically. In fact on some comets all enemies disappear when you get the star to appear. This is quite beneficial to the player. What happened here was I was JUST literally milliseconds short, I think.

Can You Help Me? – 6. Comet

The final of my 3 FoneJacker-esque prank calls done on request from a Twitterer. Hope you enjoy and, again, hope it hasn’t been done before!
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SMG2 – Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy Prankster Comet

SMG2 – Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy Prankster Comet The Star Ball is back! Great, because these levels are awesome!
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Supermassive Galaxy prankster comet: Big Wigglers Speed Run

star #57
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii Walkthrough Part 49 (Prankster Comet)

Rolling Masterpeice Galaxy – Star #2 (Prankster Comet)

Sun Diving Comet & M3.9 Flare / Solar Watch Oct 3,2011

DOUBLE ERUPTION: On October 1st around 10:17 UT, widely-spaced sunspots 1302 and 1305 erupted in quick succession, revealing a long-distance entanglement which was not obvious before. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) recorded the double blast: The part of the eruption centered on sunspot 1305 hurled a coronal mass ejection toward Earth. The relatively slow-moving (500 km/s) cloud is expected to reach our planet on Oct. 4th, possibly causing geomagnetic storms when it arrives. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. Above information extracted from Earthquake Reporting Channel solarwatcher website Soho Website http Solar Soft website Helioviewer Quality Dedicated Solar Website Link Estimated Planetary K index information GOES Xray Flux Data Sunspot Information from Solar Monitor Earthquake Forecasting Channel Quality Weather Website Space Weather Website http SolarIMG website Intro music used is royalty free and created by Kevin MacLeod Ending music used is from Soundcritters (Swords And Claws)

SOHO-6 Comet at 2-6 solar radii from the Sun

This movie was assembled from images taken by an instrument aboard the NASA-European Space Agency Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and provides a remarkable galactic perspective on the Sun and its place in the Milky Way. North is at the top of the scene, which corresponds with the orientation of the Sun as seen at midday in the northern hemisphere of Earth. Taken during December 22-27, 1996, the series of images show the Sun drifting in front of the stars of the constellation Sagittarius, as the constant solar wind blows outward in all directions. At the time of the observations, SOHO is looking towards the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way, made by the light of billions of distant stars, forms a luminous band slanting down and to the right. Dark lanes seen in the Milky Way are real features familiar to astronomers. They are created by dust clouds in the disk of the galaxy that obscure the distant stars. A doomed comet, previously unknown, enters on the left of the image on December 22. Its path curves towards the Sun and on December 23 it disappears behind the occulting mask of the coronagraph. It fails to reappear on the far side of the Sun. Whether or not its trajectory took it directly towards the visible surface, the comet must have evaporated in Sun’s atmosphere. It was one of a family of comets known as sungrazers, believed to be remnants of a large comet that broke up perhaps 900 years ago. Other fragments were responsible for spectacular comet

Feb 14th Mount St. Helens 4.3 Earthquake, Comet Elenin Trajectory, Strong M Class Solar Flare X

More worldwide seismic activity and plane crashes, continued aftershocks in Chile with a 6.6 north of Cauquenes, severe thunderstorms in same area of Chile earthquakes, strange looking solar flare with X burst. plans a close approach with comet Tempel 1 tonight at 11:37 EST. Xray graph for solar flare: RSOE EDIS Alert Map: JPL Small Body Database: USGS:

soho lasco C2 and C3

Comet CRASHES into SUN causes Solar Flare May 11th 2011 SOHO Live FEED Capture

Captured from SOHO on May 11th 2011
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