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Common CMD Hacks

Here’s The Code For Prank Virus @echo off :hack echo (Whatever You Want Here) goto hack

What Do SHIT and BACON Have In Common? HMMMM?

We answer 2 letters in a very graphic and descriptive manner… I advise watching on an empty stomach! ;-D
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Polarization (seq 1 of Common Sense Quantum Physics)

You may turn on/off dutch or french subtitles. Videoscript: Hello, I’m Arjen, the Common Sense Quantum Physicist. My goal is to bring Quantum Mechanics nearer to intuition. As an introduction, we’ll look at a characteristic property of light : the polarization. Light may be polarized in some cases, that means that it can take a characteristic orientation. For example, the sunlight reflected from this surface is polarized in such a way that it is filtered by these sunglasses if I wear them horizontally on my nose. If I turn my head, I am dazzled by the reflected light. So, how could we explain this ? Firstly, we need to know that a polaroid film is deposited on these sunglasses. A polaroid film is in fact a bunch of molecules that are arranged parallelly on the glass of the spectacles. Secondly, we take advantage of a scientific representation of light. Light is composed of tiny particles, that we call photons. In quantum physics, a photon is represented by a little spinning arrow. One way to understand light is then to visualize it as a flux of little spinning arrows guided by a wave. When an arrow bounces from a reflecting surface, it affects its spinning direction. Before the reflection, the arrow is spinning in a random direction. The reflecting surface then rearranges that in a definite spinning direction and the polaroid film filters the photons depending on their spinning direction. Let us simulate this polaroid filtering with ordinary objects. Firstly, we have this
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Schrodinger Equation (seq 2 Common Sense Quantum Physics)

Schrodinger Equation made easy. Here’s the videoscript. Hello, I’m Arjen, the Common Sense Quantum Physicist. My goal is to develop intuitive approaches to Quantum Physics. In a first sequence, about the polarization of light, we saw that quantum particles and particularly those composing light, the photons, are best represented by spinning linear objects, like arrows or needles or rods. This time, we’ll look at how we may characterize the physics of arrows. A famous physicist, Paul Dirac, in this reference book on the Principles of Quantum Mechanics, proposed to call them ket vectors, or simply kets [ket], and denote a general one of them by a special symbol | “GT”. If we want to specify a particular one of them be a label, A say, we insert it in the middle, thus vertical bar A greater than sign. So, a ket is nothing more than a rotating arrow… Well, nearly nothing more. Physicists perform operating rules on it. These rules tell us how an arrow is transformed into another arrow, these rules also tell us that you may add the arrows in order to get another arrow, or multiply them or subtract them one from another. Let me present some of these operations. Firstly, there is the operation where the arrow is rotated by an angle alpha. We multiply ket |A”GT” by a so called complex number to describe this rotation: exp(i alpha). So when you see a complex number in quantum-mechanical expressions, it is real physics. It simply means that ket |A”GT” has undergone a rotation in

Stunt Driving for the Common Man

Doing a 360 in a Saturn, followed by a once-in-a-lifetime maneuver.

Common Kings Original Alcoholic (Acoustic Version live)

“Alcoholic” Acoustic Version arranged by Common Kings Lyrics: You’re the chaser to my Crown Royal Body like a Coke bottle and with every drink I can’t help but think How smooth you go down yeah Baby girl I love your flavor you’re the Rockstar after that Jaeger Southern Comfort when I need to be held So in love with you girl Pre-Hook; I’m so drunk off your love girl i’m buzzin And I can’t get enough, of your lovin Sippin you down girl I love it Hook; You’re the reason i’m an alcoholic You’re the juice that makes my knees weak my grey goose, baby you complete the mix drink My Patron i’m takin shots of you So Into you, you’re my Malibu My passion for you like my Alize Baby it turns blue when you go away So in love you girl So thirsty pre hook bridge; Your love is the only love i’m tastin Cuz baby girl, you’re so intoxicating So imma keep sippin your love Girl I never been so drunk Pre-hook, hook out.
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Casey Anthony’s Judge Admits That The Court Is A Common Law Court

Forward to 6:19 – Orange county FL chief judge Belvin Perry had a instructional video made for jurors, on the 6:19 mark he admits that the court is a common law court.
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Cannabis Common Sense 573

The show that tells truth about marijuana & the politics behind its prohibition. Live call in show , Friday’s, 8-9PM Pacific Time, 503-288-4448
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The Roots feat. Common – UNIverse at war

I saw another Youtuber do something similar with The Roots, and I liked his idea. I put this video on to try and convert people from the commercial side of rap into “real” hip-hop. Taken from Illadelph Halflife album, listen to it, it’s the best album i’ll probably ever buy.

Common Moorhen and baby birds

The young bird helps with a parent bird and takes care of the small bird
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