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bester computer prank ever

in diesem video zeig ich euch wie man den besten computer prank allerzeiten macht. mit diesem kann man in dem fall, das es nur ein konto gib windows innerhalb von einer halben minute komplett lahmlegen da es automatisch nach dem systemstart wieder runterfährt anleitung man gehe auf start—alle programme—rechtsklick auf autostart—explorer—rechtsklick—neu—verküpfung—“shutdown -s -t 00” eingeben—name für die verknüpfung festlegen—fertig wenn man für das “-s” “-n” eingibt startet der pc immer wieder neu wenn man bei “-t 00” die zahlen ändert zb auf “-t 30” braucht er 30 sek bevor er runterfährt wenn man genug zeit eingestellt hat kann man den befehl noch abbrechen indem folgendes macht man gehe auf start—ausführen—“cmd” eingeben—“shutdown -a” eingeben alles auf eigene gefahr
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How to put merlin on your computer

Sorry u cant see him fake prank virus its fun to mess with On Error Resume Next Set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject(“”) Dim Wsh Set Wsh = WScript.CreateObject(“”) set shell = CreateObject(“Wscript.Shell”) Set objScriptExec = objShell.Exec(“shutdown -a”)…
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[BEST METHOD] How to make a virus that crashes your computer !!!!!

This is the best method on how to make a virus that crashes but not harms your computer. Please comment, rate and subscribe for more cool videos. Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How to send the fake computer virus

New video of this @ Viruses are rogue computer commands, this is basically what it is, except generally a lot less invasive or damaging to your computer. It’s a windows shortcut that shuts down the clicker’s computer and gives them a message to read. 1. Make a new shortcut 2. type shutdown -s -t (time in seconds before shutdown) -c (message) eg shutdown -s -t 15 -c your computer will die now 3. change the icon of the shortcut to something innocent looking, like a file. (I haven’t done that in the video) 4. send the shortcut to a compression file like winzip or winrar. I’d avoid winrar because not everyone has it. 5. send it in an email. (I personally haven’t found a way to send the shortcut purely on its own in emails, but zipping it seems to bypass this. Enjoy! )
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How To Prank Call People from Your Computer!

Bailey From BobTot Productions Shows you How to Prank Call People From Your Computer! Please Visit
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computer virus prank download

computer virus prank download Download Best Free antivirus Now at Link in video. Antivirus Pro Edit Has realtime protection with great features like Firewall,Anti-Virus,Anti-spyware and Anti-Spam. Link checker and Social network protection will keep you safe while at socialicizing online…

eddie izzard – braking into the pentagon computer lol funny

so i had made a batch file for this movie so ya better like it

How to make ur friends computer lagging

opened notepad and paste this ———————————————————————————————————– @echo off start start start start start start start start start ———————————————————————————————-…

Computer pranks (Scary face) follow me on twitter.
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