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my point is all the time what we hear in the media( Islamic group is trying to bomb, American gov Invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, oil price is heading .00 per gallon, tax-income is increasing) but the real Question is have we ever heard of HAARP, Illuminati, bohemian grove, bilderberg group, Fed is a private bank!!, new world order, JFK, MLK, or Freemasons, not any of them what i suggest you and everyone breaths the air of the United States to watch. below i will put links that will help you to understand what i mentioned above is about. 1- ILLUMINATI PROJECT part 1 ( 2- Former BBC Reporter Alan Hart Reveals ‘Mossad’ Involved in 9/11 on Alex Jones Tv 1/5 ( 3- The Assassination of JFK Junior 1/11 ( 4- Former Pakistani ISI Chief Hamid Gul: "God Help America!!" – The Alex Jones Show 1/4 ( 5- Fulford & Rockefeller: The Japan Interview part 1 ( 6- BILDERBERG: The systemic conspiracy: Estulin ( 7- Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove Part 1/9 HD ( 8- Alex Jones asks David Gergen about Bohemian Grove Rituals ( 9- CIA and Satanism 1/8 ( 10 – The Illuminati Deception 01/13 – Satanic Despotism ( 11- Ray McGovern on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:IRAN is IRAQ Part 2 ( 12- Zeitgeist – The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 1 of 5) ( 13- Secret History of the Freemasons (Part 1 of 9) ( 14

William M. Cooper’s Famous lecture. Watch all parts. Wake up people of the world, your time is now flat out. Raise your Consciousness while there is very minimal time left. yourTUBEyourASS21 Sparklesofunity SorrowfulConscious is back for the 4th time.
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Doomsday Asteroid expected to devastate America in December of 2012 – Confirmed by NASA

2012 Movie, Age of Enlightenment, Solar Flares, Galactic Alignment, Denver Airport, Conspiracy Theory, The NWO, New World Order, 12/21/12, The Illuminati, The Aquarius Age, The Age of Aquarius. 1010100000000000000011010101011111111111111111111110101010 Obviously Christians are not buying…
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Elenin = Catastrophic events CONFIRMED – Dr Omerbashich research papers

DR Omerbashich findings are conclusive- Elenin and Planetary alignments,eclipses are causing catastrophic weather-Earthquakes…….. 1. arXiv:1104.2036 [pdf] Title: Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity Authors: Mensur Omerbashich Comments: Continuation of arXiv:physics/0612177 Subjects: General Physics (physics.gen-ph) 2. arXiv:1003.2558 [pdf, ps, other] Title: SN 2008fv: the third type Ia supernova in NGC 3147 Authors: D. Yu. Tsvetkov, L. Elenin Comments: 11 pages, 6 figures, submitted to Peremennye Zvezdy (Variable Stars) Subjects: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics (astro-ph.SR)
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Casey Anthony Confirmed in Ohio by Face Recognition

Interview of Animetrics CEO Paul Schuepp on August 4, 2011 about if Casey Anthony was spotted in Ohio. Animetrics uses investigative facial tool ForensicaGPS to determine if it’s really her.

Confirmed UFO sighting in Mexico. Amazing footage!

Explain that as balloons!…Real ufos thats what that is.
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Nazi UFOs Confirmed By The History Channel 1UFO phenomenon and the Third Reich.

Amazing UFO videos UFO Hunters: Nazi UFOs It has long been suspected that Nazi leaders had more than a passing interesting in the occult and UFOs. UFO investigators now believe there was a connection between the UFO phenomenon and the Third Reich. Could the technology that grew into our modern day space program have been passed to the Germans by aliens, as some believe, and then confiscated by the US government after the end of World War II? Now, UFO Hunters will travel to Germany and Poland to investigate bizarre alien links that go back hundreds of years.

DISK SHAPED UFO Not yet CONFIRMED nor DENIED by NASA – Visit the Nr.1 UFO Blog! http – Download this video to your PC! ++++ abduction abductions alan godfrey ufo alians alien alien abduction alien abductions alien and ufo alien autopsy alien sightings alien ufos aliens aliens and ufo aliens and ufos aliens ufo aliens…
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Jaime Maussan Showing a Slide Show of Two Sets of Confirmed Alien Encounters

Again we have a video of the famous Alien and UFO researcher Jamie Maussan showing a slide show from the 2005 alien UFO conference of two different sets of alien pictures. The first is an Alien standing in a cemetery and when you brighten the image you can clearly see some kind of extraterrestrial standing next to a statue. The second picture was taken by a young girl in Mexico in 2003. When MR. Maussan went to investigate the image the girl was sick and the parents told him to keep his distance and leave her out of the alien sighting investigation.
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40 UFO’s above Mexico- Confirmed by the Mexican Government

As bad as this video is, the Mexican Government scrambled jets to see what this was all about and confirmed that they were indeed from another world. The US then went to Mexico and said it was nothing but swamp gas??? This made many national and world wide news papers and was very controversial until it just disappeared one day
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UFO /OVNI : FBI Confirmed recovery of 3 UFOs and 9 Aliens (Subtitulos ESPAÑOL)

(ENGLISH) Links: FBI The Vault : FBI Guy Hotel File FOIA: UO FILES: MAKE VIRAL! The Humanity Need to Know Coment, Rate, and SUSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: UFO DISCLOSURE (ESPAÑOL) Links: FBI The Vault : FBI Guy Hotel File FOIA: UO FILES: PASALO! La Humanidad Necesita Saberlo Comenta, Vota y SUSCRIBETE: FACEBOOK: REVELACION OVNI
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