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Conrad Murray Trial Analysis– 6 Reasons That May Confirm a DEATH HOAX

Something was just not right in the case of People VS Conrad Murray. There are six reasons why I believe that the trial confirms that this situation is a DEATH HOAX. Reason 1: WRONG DATES–Why can’t the court get any IMPORTANT dates right? Why are there typos and incorrect dates EVERYWHERE in this trial? Reason 2: CORRECT COURT PROCEDURES–What is the correct procedure when it comes to the way a verdict is read? Why did Judge Michael Pastor not follow the procedures done as in other trials? Can a Juror correct a mistake on his/her own? Reason 3: RISING IN COURT–What is common when it comes to reading the verdict in a trial. Isn’t the defendant suppossed to STAND UP?!?!? Reason 4: NAMES-What is Michael Jackson’s middle name? Is it Joseph or JOE? Well evidence suggests that his middle name is Joe as it is explained in Jermaine Jackson’s current book “You Are Not Alone- Through a Brother’s Eyes”. There is other proof that his middle name is JOE as well. If the court has an incorrection in a trial, the verdict is liable to be tossed out!!! Reason 5: HANDCUFF PROCEDURE–What is the correct procedure when handcuffing a prisoner or convicted felon? Should they be in a seated position or standing? Reason 6: PHOTOSHOPPED AUTOPSY PHOTO–Despite other visual reasons why the autopsy photo is a clear fake, there is also a confirmation from a computer program that the AUTOPSY PHOTO IS A FAKE. Decide for yourselves. I have done extensive research for over a period of two years. Despite

David Conrad senza maglietta

scena da “Ghost Whisperer – Presenze”


amazing new video of david conrad
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David Conrad with the song man in the moon,

David Conrad II

O ator que atualmente faz parte do elenco da série Ghost Whisperer.

Reely Streetracer Pro 4WD | Verbrenner RC Car von Conrad | P190 Chassis

Mehr zum REELY STREETRACER PRO auf: . Hier ein Video vom Reely Streetracer Pro 4WD von Conrad mit FORCE Motor. Das Video ist nach dem Einfahrvorgang entstanden.

California’s Most Haunted by Barry Conrad

Here ghost hunter and videographer Barry Conrad shows a colleague cameraman confronted by an angry ghost, hung by his own t-shirt to a rafter in the attic of a haunted home. This was in San Pedro, California in 1989. What followed turned out to be one of the most bizarre true hauntings on record – all documented on videotape by a professional cameraman! Strange Balls of Light! An Attempted Hanging of a photographer! Human Blood Plasma Dripping From the House’s Walls! Is this the evidence the world is waiting for? Do ghosts really exist? This 81-minute documentary delves into a world seldom seen by most people. The world of a woman besieged by a ghostly entity. An entity so violent that it hung a man in her attic! An entity so terrifying, it followed not only the woman to her new home but it pursued the researchers to their homes as well. Dr. Barry Taff, formerly with UCLA’s parapychology lab as well as principal investigator on the now famous “Entity” case, has stated that this could very well be the “Mt. Everest of all hauntings at least from the perspective of visual evidence captured on both video and still photography.” The video was featured in the winter 1999 issue of Unknown Magazine published by Christopher Fleming. actually

Jo Conrad Vortrag Ausschnitt Innere Welt Landkarte New Germany Ufo Neuschwabenland Nsl Hohle Erde Ns Nazi Hitler Geheimloge Illuminati

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David Conrad Hes one in a million

Just a video i made of david conrad, the star of ghost whisperer being melinda’s hunky hubby. I really love him in the show and as a person too.I was about to use sexyback by justin timberlake but personally i find that song annoying, so i used the song “one in a million” by bosson. i hoped yalls like it, and please comment,rate and subcribe 😀

Ghost Whisperer – Ghost Whispering with David Conrad

Actor David Conrad discusses shares insight into his role as Jim in The Children’s Parade.
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