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usi bulastog eating contest

go olga…haha!!!

Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes – CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS

The Grandmaster forces the Fantastic Four to battle Ronan the Accuser, Impossible Man, Annihilus, and Super Skrull.
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Oprah Karaoke Contest!

This is My online Submission to Oprah’s Karaoke Contest! Rate It!!! Hope you Like it Oprah
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Edbassmaster’s Ugly Face Contest

Here is a video response to Edbassmaster’s Ugly Face Contest. Hope you enjoy it! Here is a link to my RESPONSE to NOT winning the Ugly Face Contest. Check it out!
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Exercise Ball Slams Roommate Through Door – Prank Contest Winner

An April Fools contest winner decides to implement an open-door policy on roommates that eat his food without permission. Submit yours

Radio Contest Gone Wrong

Yes, I know I’ve been bashing Kanye West a lot, and Yes, I know, i actually do like his music, so don’t kill me cause of it I hope I made you laugh! PLEASE COMMENT
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Flip Out Video Contest

Break wants to pay you 0 for your original flip out videos. So if you know anyone who can’t take a joke or a minor setback, film them, then split the money so they don’t stay mad. Submit here: The first couple has won several of these contests and gotten paid, so big thanks. You can see all their Break uploads on their channel: they also have a hilarious youtube channel:
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UFOs Over London Friday 2011 – Girls Reaction – Best Character Contest – Food Battle?

Kid’s reaction to UFO fleet over Tower Bridge in London. Over the last couple of days there has been lots of videos showing several white glowing orbs flying over London. See how a little girl reacts to the most recent video that was posted by a tourist that was filming the Tower Bridge while several orbs made a fly by. Many are convinced that there are alien lifeforms out there. Some are not convinced and need more proof and there are many who are willing to testify and take a lie detector test to prove what they saw was real and not tampered with. People are willing to get their videos analyzed by a professional to authenticate what they have as untampered evidence. Real or a hoax? These things can be found in other parts of the world and we have to face the facts that there are extra terrestrials out there and we are not alone. Kids react to Smosh? see our upcoming smosh kids react food battle parody video coming soon. Enter our best character contest! Come up with your own character and post it here as a video response. Make your funniest, scariest, silliest, or craziest character and we will look at them all and pick the best one for a video feature and a shout-out. This contest will run for 30 days. Good luck and be very creative. Sure some will be pretending to be aliens, ghosts or zombies. You may watch the original video UFOs Over London Friday 2011 – UFO fleet over Tower Bridge London 6/24/2011 by clicking here If you would like to audition for

contest entry- Jirou =D

Yeah! description here!!! Name: Jirou Benjirou Village: waterfall/ Rain Age:17/18 Height: 6’1 Weight: 130 lbs Team:Mai, Kana/ Misaki, Mamrou Satoshi Sensei: Aina/ Nira GF: ? Personality: Jirou is a big flirt with the girls and likes making them blush. He is a bit of a spaz and a little air-headed. He is bad at comebacks and loves to play pranks. HE is a nice guy, but sometimes hides it if he thinks that’s what needs to be done to protect the ones he loves. Jirou can be a huge dork. If he likes you (mainly for guys) he will pick little fights and arguments with you. Like: Jirou loves ramen and cake. He likes to play games and play pranks on people (especially those who will get angered easily). He likes to pick on people he likes and often is found picking fights or arguments with them. Jirou likes the sound of rain and waterfalls. Its the one thing that comforts him when he is stressed, sad/depressed, or mad. Dislikes: Anyone who hurts his loved ones and friends. He also dislikes his parents for the way they have treated him. Jirou isn’t found of sour foods or fish. He is also afraid of snakes and grasshoppers. History:When Jirou was young, his parents hid him away from the world. Their reasoning was unclear. They would tell him things and bring him food, but kept him hidden. The world had no idea he existed, not even his older sister. Later he soon found out that He was only being used as a tool and Kana was just a cover up so no one would question his dissappearence

ix3rukia’s Kyoko456 character contest [ENTRY]

READ DESCRIPTON PLEASE ALL! Lol. Took me 5 hours to load it. The memory is big xD Name : Audrey Gan (yeah she’s asian) Age : 500 years old but stop aging when 15 Personality : Half demon. Wants somebody. Anybody that can live as long as her.That would care..Protects people who care, loves to eat, loves sports (especially volleyball) very talkative , not afraid of anything… except cockroaches. Likes the company of people and loves pets. especially panda’s -Adding new personality : She is clumsy sometimes, but get serious when fighting. She loves playing pranks on people. She always gets hungry and is a joker in class. She tend to be lazy sometimes also. OH I FORGOT! SHE WALKS AROUND WITHOUT HER BLIND FOLD. SHE ONLY WALK WITH THE BLINDFOLDS DURING THE NIGHT BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO CONCENTRATE AND IMPROVE ON HER HEARING WHEN THERE IS DARKNESS! Controller Ability : [Dangerous/Unique? Controller] Able to Warp anybody who she looks into to her shadow world. Over there nothing can be seen . Even she could not see anything. But her hearing is super sensitive as a demon. She can also create illusion of herself in her shadow world and in the real world. -How she got the weapon?- She is able to make any weapon she imagine into reality. Doesnt Hesitate to kill too. When angered ,she could make an area with a radius of a city into her shadow world. Bannedstory code v3.2
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