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Funniest Prank Calls – PRANK CALL LOL HILARIOUS – Pest Control

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The Most Epic Prank Call Ever. Mudkip Vs Animal Control Cent

good god. quite possibly the most epic prank call ever. all credit to MUDKIPZ in the ts server 3/20/08 nevar forget.
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Remote Control Alien Prank

Behind the Scenes From the prankster behind The Scary Snowman we bring you our new channel with all new pranks! We got this little guy from a costume shop, had our good buddy Mike Mozart from paint him up to make him a little more scary. Then attached him to a remote control car stuck a wireless mic on him and got our prank on! This video was filmed on Thayer Street in Providence Rhode Island. Twitter @ripfilms Music by
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Random Heroes- Chaos Control Part 2

Hilarious “Jackass” like video of me and my friends. I edited all of our pranks and stuff. be sure to watch part 1 also.
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iPhone 4S Siri Out of Control Prank Call

Jared prank calls an Apple Store saying Siri (The new apple iPhone 4S voice command feature) is not listening to what he is saying. Since this is a new product the Apple Store employes have no idea what to do. LIKE US on Facebook Check out our live prank call website. We are live every week.

Random Heroes- Chaos Control Part 1

Hilarious “Jackass” like video of me and my friends. I edited all of our pranks and stuff. be sure to watch part 2 also.
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Derren Brown – Control The Nation – Reaction

On September 18th 2009 Derren Brown Revealed His Secret On Controlling The Nation. Tom & Jay From WindUpMechants Experienced The Load Of Bullshit That He Was On About. We Are Sorry For Putting It So Bluntly But Basically That Is It ( A Load Of BULLSHIT ) And We Are Sorry For The Inconvenient Language It Just Had To Be Said. So Yeah This Video Is The Reaction To Derren Brown ‘How To Control The Nation’. Honours : #57 – Most Discussed (Today) – Entertainment Origionall Upload – First Reaction On Youtube !!! Please Comment And Rate – And Dont Forget To Subscribeeeee For More Hilarious Wind-Ups & Jokes. — WindUpMerchants —

dcig’s prank calling poison control

he prank calls a poison control and cops get called.

Top Dog Sonic Control

Click for information on the Top Dog Sonic Control
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Pest Control Prank

Tequila got Croissantulas.

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