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cool cmd/notepad tricks. (“@echo off” tricks)

these are 3 tricks for the “@echo off” codes. 1. i teach you how to make the words change instead of them just appearing undereach other. 2. i teach you how to change the color of the text. 3. how to make any window come up during conversation the colors are 0=black 1=blue 2=green 3=aqua 4=red 5=purple 6=yellow 7=white 8=gray 9=light blue A=light green B=light aqua C=light red D=light purple E=light yellow F=bright white how i found out this is: i was just bored and i wanted the text blue. i was gonna try instead of putting “color” then a letter, i was gonna put “color blue” to try and make the text blue sense i didn’t know which letter meant what. i opened up the icon and it didn’t work, but all the letters and numbers poped up and it told me which letter/number meant which color. to do this type this in on notepad: @echo off color blue :blue pause echo hello

Let’s Play Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People: EP.1 PT.3

In this one we head off to the Track, chat up Homestar Runner, explore around some more and do some prank phone calls. If you’ve never been there, check out

Cool Viruses

For entertainment purposes only!! be safe :)

How to Fake a Virus for Mac!! A Really Cool Joke!

This is a simple guide to create a fake virus for Mac, it will not hurt anyone, and it will not damage the computer at all, once you see how you make it you will see why I say this. Be sure to subscribe!
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Notepad cheats VERY COOL!

how to watch starwars on computer how to make a prank virus how to make spam boxes
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the cool kids april fools prank

me, chewy and tou pao tagged up x car but then later next day he got chewy back
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How to create a cool virus prank.avi

download it here:!!! THIS IS NOT A VIRUS !!!!!!! its A prANk !!!!!!!!
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Cool Tricks with Notepad!!!!

This is just a cool thing my VP Teacher taught me and ive found out how to imput actual words into it. If you liked this video than come back soon and I will make a few more tutorials. Well, ENJOY!!!
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Cool Prank

hey guys if you watched this i would have said a word “word play” can be turned upside down and back front to front and um you know upside down and upside up and it stays the same i also said you have to sub if you want to know how to do it you can Prank people with this especially classmates or friends etc and just sub for more vids check my channel for futher info… talking back the word word play you might also have saw it on the sheet in that spelling THIS IS NOT MY ORIGINAL I PLAYED WITH THE FUKIN WORD OK
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Cool apps of the week for FJ #1

Android apps Free Popular Live Wallpaper GraviTire 3D HD Caller ID Keek Run In Crowd Prank dial
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