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Deadly Copperhead Snake Bite

26-year-old Wade Westbrook is dead after a copperhead snake bit him in the arm. His death is raising a lot of questions. Jessica Oh reports
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Kansas City Landscaper Copperhead Bite

A copperhead snake bites Kansas City Landscaper
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Playing With Deadly Copperhead Snake

Castlewood State Park Playing With Deadly Copperhead Snake Usually species are named after some of their characteristics. The copperhead snake (Agkistrodon spp.) was originally named for the copper like coloration on the dorsal side of its head. The copperhead snake is chestnut colored and has bands that are either dark or brown. The size of an adult copperhead is 20 to 40 inches (51-102 cm) and young copperhead snakes can be recognized by the yellowish or greenish tip on their tails, and they are more grayish than adults. Some sub-species of the copperhead snakes have a different appearance than others, and there is some degree of variability within Agkistrodon spp. Some strange myths exist about copperhead snakes. One is that black snakes can interbreed with copperheads to make a venomous black snake. Another one is that copperhead snakes smells like cucumber – which is generally not true, as they only secretes and odor resembling the odor of cucumber when they feel threathened. The funniest myth about the copperhead snake is that baby copperhead snakes are more venomous than adults. Actually, even though the copperhead snake is venomous and its bite very painful, a bite from a copperhead snake is generally not deadly. This site focuses on copperhead snakes in the US. Diet Mature copperhead snakes prefer rodents such as mice. The video below shows a copperhead slithering through some shrubs. According to US poison centers a total of 769 cases of copperhead bites were
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Baby Snake: Copperhead Racer, Thailand (not baby Copperhead in Western USA)

Baby snake finds are the coolest. They have no idea how small they are. I avoid snake bite. This baby snake is a copperhead racer here in Thailand. It was trying to cross the road and I JUST missed this snake’s head with my front motorbike tire. I screeched to a stop and rescued him. He’s striking at me a lot. Great fun. Totally harmless little snake.

Copperhead snake bites 12-year-old

A 12-year-old girl wasn’t far from home when she had a poisonous encounter with a copperhead snake.
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