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Fake Cocaine prank goes wrong (COPS) !! BEST PRANK EVER!!

lots of fake cocaine falls from suitcase into McDonalds drive thru , best prank ever. COPS COMES OVER AND CLOSE THE DRIVE TREW FOR 1HOUR… MUST SEE!!!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Contradicting Cops Hidden Camera Prank Just For Laughs

Two policemen giving conflicting directions at a roundabout. http http http http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

RUNNING AWAY FROM THE COPS (11.15.11 – Day 929)

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Delmar man stops teen prank and calls cops, but he gets arrested DELMAR – Daniel Van Plew says he and his family are still shaken after the late night teenage prank, which ended with his arrest. "I'd love to tell you my story, but I'm so reluctant because I'm the one who's charged. There's no winners in this thing. It's just a

Walmart Prank Goes Bad (Cops Involved!!)

A Walmart prank on Black Friday goes wrong. So we finally decided to do our Embarrassed in Public Video, hope you like it, next time we’ll go out with less people so you can actually see what happens. It was pretty funny seeing people’s reactions. Please comment rate and SUBSCRIBE, and watch it again if you want. Thanks to for the background music
Video Rating: 2 / 5

Nate’s House is busted by the cops

Get a tour of Nate’s old house, courtesy of the Lincoln Police Department and the local news. Don’t drink. From the fall of 2001.

Extreme Caroling (Prank busted by cops!) full funny videos college pranks april fools day jokes

Extreme Caroling (Prank busted by cops!) full funny videos college humor prank april fools jokes for kids april fool pranks for kids girls video Christmas, carolers, mike diva, maxx jenga, vyncent flaw, sergio, sexy sax, Zabastian Amadeuz, prank, flash mob
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GTA4 (Prank call cops!!)

Me messing aroud some more. I prank called the cops just to kill em… I LOVE THE SHOTGUN!!!

Fake Cops Perform “Arrest”

This prank is likely very illegal but is hilarious nonetheless. The prankers in this video decided to pretend they were cops and “arrested” some unsuspecting teens. They then proceeded to use massive amounts of duct-tape to “restrain” the arrestees. Some advice for other potential victims of this gag: cops don’t typically wear ski masks and they usually have handcuffs so that they don’t need to resort to tape. Oh yeah— they also don’t usually tell criminals to “hug each other” when arresting them. Don’t be fooled!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Just For Laughs – Cops Smoking Weed

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