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2013 Solar Storm Could Cost US Trillions

FOX Business Panel Interview with Professor and Aerospace Physicist Michio Kaku – 2013 Solar Maximum Storm could cost the US trillions and set us back 100 years. Every 11 years, the Sun’s Magnetic Poles flip release a burst of radiation. Every 100 years, a monstrous burst of plasma emerges and can cost the US trillions of dollars in property damage. The 2013 Solar Maximum Storm would paralyze the planet Earth. A bill on Congress to provide 100 Million, to start reinforcing the high voltage transmission transformers and power stations, is stalled. In 2003, 14 power stations were wiped when a Solar Flare hit South Africa. The 2013 Solar Maximum Storm is what he physicists are worried about. For more information, visit
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Could solar activity cause a solar storm in the next 2 years and potentially take out the Grid ? Will we be prepared if our electrical grid were to go down ? How have solar Storms effected us in the past ? What has the US and canadian governments done to prepare us in the event of a solar Katrina ?

Freedom cost a Buck O five!
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Casey Anthony’s defense has cost more than $103000 so far

Authorities estimate that Anthony’s trial, slated to start May 9, will cost more than 1000.

Can A Haircut Cost £20000.00? Filmed By RTL (German TV)

Stuart Phillips £20000 hair package was such a world success that two different German TV stations filmed him at work. This news footage was filmed by RTL TV. The footage is in German and the title that appears when Stuart talks reads “worlds most expensive hairdresser” Follow Stuart on Twitter Follow Stuart’s Blogs
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drugs cost too much and dragon face tattoo

Matt and I talk about a stupid criminal and two guys who get tattoo regret after having dragons done on their faces.

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