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UFO FINALLY!! 2010 100% UFO PROOF, Dusk time footage UFO Craft

Spectacular UFO Spain by tourists NEW LINK
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UFO footage of craft landing in Canada

Could this be first public video of an account of UFO landing on terrestrial soil? Former NASA Mission specialist received footage anonymously in the mail.

UFO Sighting of unusual cloaked craft with missile like trail over Kazakstan and Russia, 2011.

UFO Sighting of unusual cloaked craft with missile like trail over Kazakstan and Russia, 2011 video. Date of sighting: 2011, but this video was put on the net on 3-9-2011 in Asia Location of sighting: This video was posted in Taiwan on March 9, 2011 by an anonymous user. There is little info to go by except what the person has written in Chinese and English. I have seen such videos before. The first was over China and the second and third was over Russia. I will post the videos below for you to compare them. similar Russia UFO In my opinion as a UFOlogist (SCW) I do believe that the craft we are looking at in the above video is not a missile being chase by a UFO, but is actually the back exhaust of a UFO while the front part of the craft remains cloaked except for the sparkling corners that look like directional thrusters. Of course this could be some Russian or American secret project that takes alien technology from UFO crashes and integrates it into modern methods of use for the military, but I who is to say? Source: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you get the time please check out my UFO Sighting blog at: Or have a look at my books, “Dragons of Asgard” and “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009.” At all online bookstores.
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Tin Foil Hat Red Alert – Alien Space Craft That Spies ON People

That is my theory at least. Please subscribe to my youtube channel for the latest in my ufo research. Also leave a comment and rate this video.
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UFO Triangle Craft sighted over San Diego Cal. Enhanced (June 13th 2010)

Source Get all your latest UFO news http
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UFO Triangler Craft crashes in Cal: Possible False Flag Alien invasion training Exercise?

UPDATE: Video now posted and uploaded Click here Event took place on Aug 22nd 2010 in Fresno California over in the mountains, The Us Military shot it down according to the report. Note: from the Article, If there is a conflict ongoing between military forces and these mysterious triangular aircraft several questions need to be addressed. First, what is the nature of the conflict? Is it a serious assault or could they possibly be part of some sort of clandestine training program or war game scenario? Second, if the craft are not part of the US military and the conflict is as genuine as many witnesses are suggesting, what purpose do the triangular craft serve and who are their occupants? Of course this is even assuming they have occupants. And of course the most general and possibly most important question that is ever present remains, what are the craft doing? #################################################### Full Article here Don’t be getting scared because i’ve said a possible False Flag Alien invasion training Excercise, that is just a Theory that i might have. The Shadow Government has Triangler crafts and lots of them, so this could be some training excercise, or maybe not. We don’t know the full story and as soon as the video is uploaded and posted i will put a link to it, in this Description. Source: Stay tuned for the video here

Triangle UFO craft – Aug 22 , 2010 Fresno Calif

Source Jeffery Gonzalez My video with my theory Full ARticle here UFO Triangle crash over Fresno Calif mountains Aug 22nd 2010 http
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Re: Federation Of Light – 2000 Mile Long Craft Will Appear on Oct 14th 2008 ?

Video Cam Direct Upload

CRAFT at Maker Faire: Talking Star Wars Crafts

CRAFT caught up with Bonnie Burton of and Terri Hodges about their Star Wars kids craft projects at Maker Faire.


Great footage of GIANT UFO’S orbiting the sun and of CIGAR spacecraft spotted on numerous occasions.. Including During an apollo mission and enagaged in a flat out CHASE by russian jets.. AND VISIT Music used is from the TV SHOW battlestar gallactica… BE LOVE
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