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Crazy Lucky Charms Guy Epic Prank

Pranks gone wrong


Bitches be crazy and stoned. Steve Greene draws the whole thing! Click LIKE and FEED the Troll!! Caption the picture at 5:05 and get your comment featured next week! Puppet Cop Trailer: Like me on Facebook! AND follow me on Twitter! What should I do next week?! Leave a comment!!! “crazy girl” “crazy girl is crazy” “crazy” “real life trolling” “steve greene” “panda””how to”prank” “pranks” troll trolling
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Howard Stern – Touch-tone Terrorist Pranks Crazy Alice

Howard Stern – Touch-tone Terrorist Pranks Crazy Alice
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Crazy Train By Ozzy Osbourne (Sung By A Psychopatic Sock)

I sing another one of Ozzy’s phenomenal songs.Since I am a lazy no good sock, I came up with another concept to make videomaking easier for me. The last time I did this, with Dear Angry… it was more successful than I could have ever hoped. My idea is simple, if there is a song you would like myself, Krista or Groover (or any combination)to sing… write me a letter titled ANGRY BLUE JUKEBOX and tell me what you want me to hear… can’t promise I will be able to find it online in karaoke format, but I will do my best to accomodate your request. DEAR ANGRY IS STILL ALIVE AND KICKIN’! Reminder: the only questions that I will read for Dear Angry are ones that are submitted to me privately. I will answer all questions sent to me thru comments… but only as a comment response. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, my good friend GOOBIAN recently conducted a lengthy interview with the man behind the sock… I will link each part as soon as it is up on her page. Ever wonder what the real voice sounds like? Well, check it out then!
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Prank call to CRAZY man! (Funny)

i prank call my friends CRAAZZZYYY dad. pretty funny. comment rate and sub for more prank call videos
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Captain Price SoundBoard Prank Call – Price Calls Crazy Asian

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Me and my crazy chicas!!!! XD

Friends/girls/crazy people, Sleep over, Pranks calls :3 Funny, random LOL
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Roy Wood Jr- “Crazy Parent” Prank Call

Roy Wood Jr. “Crazy Parent” Prank Call
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[ENG SUB] Dalmatian’s Simon Is Kidnapped By A Crazy Fangirl (Predebut Hidden Camera Prank)

To see subs click__ cc – settings – background – done Please Keep Loving and Supporting Dalmatian and Our Lovely MBLAQ~! Original name of the program: 치욕! 꽃미남 아롱사태 You can also watch this video here: To watch all eps of this program go here: Video Belongs To: iTEE68 @


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