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Scary Croc Bite!

A Stupid man getting his hand ripped virtualrry off by a croc!
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Croc bite!!!! gruesome attack on man

head bitten by a crocodile..freak accident ….or just plain stupid hahaha

Croc Attack!!

Croc attack on tourist near Darwin!! Not for the faint of heart!

Great White Shark vs SaltWater Crocodile. Shark kills Croc.

Great White Shark vs SaltWater Crocodile. Shark kills Crocodile. Ripping out the crocodile guts. Score one for the Great White Shark.

Paul and I watch a crocodile show in Pattaya, Thailand where a man almost gets his hand bitten off. He then puts his head in the Croc”s mouth!

Drunk man survives croc attack

A drunk man is lucky to be alive after climbing into a crocodile enclosure at a wildlife park in Broome last night.
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Bizarre Foods – Eating Raw Croc Eggs

Andrew meets a few Aborigines from the Nauiyu Nambiyu community, where he proves that he’s not a “sheila” and tries raw crocodile eggs. Bizarre Foods airs Tuesday nights at 10pm e/p on Travel Channel

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