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Ducks and Crocodiles

…can coexist peacefully in Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

mans head in crocodiles mouth in thaiand!!

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Living with crocodiles in Mali

The residents of Borko town in central Mali have lived alongside crocodiles for years. The mystical Dogon community believe the animals are positive entities. So they watch over them and regard them as their relatives. This is an excerpt of a report in the Reuters’ weekly TV programme, Africa Journal.

Dhaka’s lifeblood is dying. The Buriganga river, one of the four around Bangladesh’s capital, is now one of the most polluted in the world. Reuters Guy Desmond reports.
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Crocodiles are not pets

Do you want this to happen to inoccent animals… They dont deserve it… Don’t purchase crocodiles

This is a video that eats a real alligator!!! KIDS DO NOT ATTEMPT AT HOME
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Crazy man in river feeding Crocodiles by hand

I filmed this on the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica. The man was slapping a fish on the water to attract and feed a crocodiles. He did this while he was in the water.
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Jumping Crocodiles 3

Jumping Crocs in the Adelaide River, NT
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Hire boats are the best boats!
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Head in a crocodiles mouth!!

This wacko dude put his head in a crocodiles mouth!!!

A survivor in an accident despite the car been flatten!!
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