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TMC Episode 6 – April Foolin’ (belated) & CULTURE SHOCK ’10!

Let’s pretend this was uploaded on April 1st. COME TO CULTURE SHOCK ’10! APRIL 5th and 6th (today and tomorrow) at NCCU! Day 1 is at the New School of Education from 7 to 8:30pm Day 2 is on Brant Street from 5 to 7:30pm Both event days are FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC! send you questions to

The French Culture and Pranks

This video is a compilation of some pranks I have seen occur on the streets in and around Angers, France, while studying abroad here. I interviewed some American students to see what they thought of these pranks and interviewed one French person to get her take on French pranks.
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Culture of Southern Appalachia

culture of Southern Appalachian
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Ghost Stories on Culture Show

A truly terrifying theatrical experience written and directed by The League of Gentlemen’s master of the macabre, Jeremy Dyson, and Andy Nyman, co-creator and director of Derren Browns television and stage shows and star of Dead Set and Severance. WARNING Please be advised that Ghost Stories contains moments of extreme shock and tension. The show is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 16. We strongly advise those of a nervous disposition to think very seriously before attending.
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Culture Shock – Rat Feces
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Learn Spanish: Spanish Culture and Traditions: The traditional Christmas food in Spain.

Learn Spanish and learn about Spanish culture and traditions. In this video you will learn about the The traditional Christmas food in Spain. LEARN SPANISH AT:
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The One True Faith : The Culture of Death An excerpt from the Catholic television program ‘The One True Faith’. Christians believe in life after death, but Catholics believe in life before death too. Watch host Michael Voris’ damning and shocking expose of the ‘Culture of Death’ which is gripping America. Tackling such emotive and current topics as euthanasia, abortion, stem-cell research and suicide, this episode of the One True Faith provides essential information with which all Catholics should arm themselves.To purchase this episode, visit http To watch FULL LENGTH versions of these shows (1 hour each) go to and sign up! There are literally HOURS of great Catholic programming there!
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NBA Live 10 Appearance Trailer Culture HD HQ

1. Over 90 New specials and throwback Uniforms 2. Over 500 sneakers 3. Authentic tattoos 4. Signature pre-game Rituals NEW NBA LIVE 2010 Rose vs rondo! Features: Features: Enhanced User Control Brings you never before user control gameplay whether its your handle, how you drop dimes or finish you take control. Feel the Intensity Feel the emotion and intensity grow as the electricity inside the arena intensifies dynamically based on rivalry games, time of year, and whats on the line. Dynamic DNA Powered by Synergy Sports, the leading provider of analytical scouting information for NBA teams, provides daily player and team updates based on real-world performance. Current trades, injuries, player tendencies, streaks, and more provide the most up-to-date experience every time you hit the court. Authentic Team Styles of Play Slow it down or pick up the tempo based on your teams real style. Bring it all home with authentic NBA playbooks. The Hangar Test out your moves with the best NBA players in new, cutting edge basketball facility. Dynasty Mode Take control of your favorite franchise from plays on the court to moves in the front office. Guide the team to a title, or a run of titles, its all up to you. FIBA World Championships Select from 24 authentic national teams to set up an international tournament and play your way to number one in the world. Extend Your Game, Create your own highlight mix then upload the video to to prove you got game. shot
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Originally uploaded on | December 31, 2010 | Special Thanks to “Ufosindeutschland” A BRIEF INTRODUCTION FOR HUMANITY * UFO SPACESHIPS AND ALIEN CULTURE
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“Culture Shock” Part 2: The Standing Babas

Shenaz takes us around the world in search of quirky customs and bizarre behavior. Producers: Shenaz Treasuryvala and Roye Segal Writers: Shenaz Treasuryvala and Roye Segal Director: Roye Segal Host: Shenaz Treasuryvala Camera: M.Magesh and Rituraj Narain Music: Ishq Bector Sound: Debashish Mishra Editor: Roye Segal

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