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LIP READING: of Casey Anthony’s Meltdown by Deaf Friend.

lip reading A deaf friend watched the video of casey having her melt down and came up with this…(it matches fairly closely to several other lip readers postings I’ve read) You can see Casey say “bitch” just before lowering her hand and “You see? My own mother hurts me!” (Pointing at self) Lawyer says “i know i know” and turns toward Casey Casey blows nose “she’s here to protect him” (points,cries) New camera angle “She’s never protected me, she’s not even trying now!” (very upset face) “She believed this shit for three years and says nothing!” (lawyer says ‘give cindy a chance’) Casey “but now ya know it’s like she’s been given the chance, like every single day” “I’d love for her to get away from him not help him….” “But I can’t help who she’s with, I mean, I can’t” New camera angle “It Hurts Sooo Bad!” (Blows nose)”She didn’t even look at me, she only looked at me once the entire time she was up there” “Just like the other day” “Shes not going to fight for me, she’s not” and at the very end “It’s for dad, that’s who she’s doing it for” ————— I believe that Cindy is so addicted to George that nothing comes before him, and she has made up her mind long ago, and made a complete surrender. This guy has literally robbed her, cheated on her, lied to her, opened up credit cards in her name, and possibly molested her dau—-all these offenses repeatedly, and she must choose him. This is real compulsion. Even if it means betrayal of her daughter. It is this

My Smart Dog Can Talk! (Deaf sign) Enjoy watching! 2010

This video is programmed with American Sign Language. Mona is trained to become our hearing dog. She alerts us to any environmental sounds. It does not mean she’s gifted because I believe most dogs are more receptive to signing than speaking words. Enjoy viewing!

Shih-Tzu Dog for the Deaf hearing dog Service dog rescues teddy bear from Christmas stocking!

Shih-Tzu Dog for the Deaf hearing dog found the teddy bear in the Christmas stocking! Dazzle was trained by and we’ve had the pleasure of sharing our lives with him since 9/11. He arrived 9-8-2001.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

deaf ryder part 1

Video Rating: 4 / 5


me true frist time afraid ready time 12 self in door ghost shock .. me feel afraid move patiend hand yes..

alabama cops taser deaf man/cena vs orton bizarre match

Link to the news story in alabama

deaf camp – camp tatiyee – 2009 – go-karts!

me & chris having funnn!!!! (:
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deaf camp – camp tatiyee – 2009 – day two!

deaf camp – camp tatiyee – day two
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Liberals are deaf, dumb and blind!.wmv

Liberals are deaf, dumb and blind!.
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Guinness Book of World Records for Deaf?

True story!
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