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Pizza Delivery Prank

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Delivery Guy Pranks: Unsuspecting Pizza Delivery Dudes Owned (Link in DESC starts Videos)

Playlist begins here: SpotterPranks brings you the absolute funniest, most hilarious, pranks from all over YouTube! Instead of spending hours trying to find the best pranks to pull on your friends, subscribe to SpotterPranks and have the best tips and tricks delivered to you every week! Delivery men are fated to be the eternal recipients of all sorts of funny, mean-spirited, and bizarre pranks perpetrated by menacing hooligans. But don’t feel too bad for the delivery guys because the pranks are worth it, as you’ll see from this playlist. DON’T TRY: Mime Scaring Pizza Guy – ಠ‿ಠ Pizza Delivery Guy Prank: The Farting Bodybuilders 100th Delivery Guy Prank Messing With Pizza Man pizza man prank How get free pizza with taser Angry Asian Restaurant Prank Call (ANIMATED) – Ownage Pranks Messin with Pizza Man Pizza Guy Prank (SUBTITLED)
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battlecam challenge Funny Prank on Pizza Delivery Man

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Pizza man delivery prank #1

Our first video is up

Prank Dial Pizza Delivery Funny

My uncle talking to a recording from and app called prandial on android phone. Pizza Delivery
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Pizza Delivery Pranked In Person (Prank Call)

*PLEASE READ* He did not lose his job over this call. We called back this weekend and informed him and the manager that it was a joke, they thought it was funny. So CHILL with the nasty comments. During a live broadcast of “LuvChat”. Jared has a pizza delivered to the studio out in California. When he arrives the crew on LuvChat convinces him that he is on a live MTV show. Jared “Calls in” as different characters and prank calls him. http *Note* We know the video is a little small. We tried to get it as big as possible without distorting the picture
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Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call:Christmas Delivery

Pizza Delivery- Funny Prank Call

LOL My cousin and I tried out a website which allows you to prank call people with a fake Pizza guy computer, and we totally owned this guy xD!! Watch the ending for EPIC LULZ BTW THAT’S NOT ME TALKING! Website: You get like 2 free calls, and after that you have to pay, but it’s cheap.
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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