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Iraqi Jackass 7: Dirt Bag Filthy

upgraded episode of iraqi jackass , Twice the sound, Twice the pranks and Twice the retardation

dirt boarding

funny and painful sand boarding Accidents “LEAVE A COMMENT OF WHAT U THOUGHT HURT THE MOST!”
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KEN BLOCK – Jump Jam at the Dirt 2 Launch Event

Ken Block and members of the public ride out Ken’s latest high speed antics at the launch of Codemasters’ Dirt 2 game. To find out more about the game go to or follow us on Facebook at

Casey Anthony – Tramp The Dirt Down

Pics from Frye Hearing 3-24-2011

Dirt 3: Preview to Battersea

VVV visited Batter PowerStation this week to see the latest build of Dirt 3, new modes revealed beside Ken Block beforming more of his usual stunt driving action. This is a mere preview of videos to come over the next few days. Please join at Follow at Read at

Justin Bieber Coning At Burger King Prank! – The Dirt TV Dirt TV rides with Justin Bieber as he pranks a Burger King in LA! The Beeb tweeted a video of himself and some mates “cone-ing” at a drive through! Plus, see Coldplay’s trubute to Amy Winehouse at Splendour in the Grass and check out Miley Cyrus’ tattoo for gay rights!

First Aid & Safety Tips : How to Get Dirt Out of Your Eye

Flush out eyes with isotonic solution to remove dirt or debris. Learn how to get dirt out of eyes with the free safety tips in thisfirst aid video from a professional fireman. Expert: Joe Bruni {\fonttbl\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Helvetica; Bio: Captain Joe Bruni has more than 30 years of experience as a street firefighter and company officer. He has also worked as a training officer in the Fire and Rescue Safety and Training Divisions. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Razor mx650 dirt bike review

I love this dirt bike, well this has been 1 summer with it and it is working like I opened it yesterday. Very happy with it. Its a heavy bike witch makes it sterdy. Speed: 17mph Price: 0 Brand: Razor Weight Capacity: 220 lbs Bottom line you should buy it.
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Me riding my razor mx650 dirt bike

Sorry the camera was shaky its hard to drive with one hand and hold the camera in the other.

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