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The Farting Disaster

This couple sure knows how to move, but there’s aa lot more going on than just dancing. Watch a complete laughter riot! For More Funny Home Videos, click below SUBSCRIBE NOW Become a fan of us on Facebook! Follow us on
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Knowing – End of the World (3rd Disaster of 3)

This is a video of the 3rd and final disaster in the new film ‘Knowing’. This video shows the ‘solar flare’ completly destroying New York and the world as a whole. Please rate and subscribe :-)
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Sun shoots major Flares – Ten million lose power in Chili- Solar Flare Monitor page- Elite move to Bunkers-
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Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Could Happen Globally, NASA warns Solar Storm Grid Failure

Read the full NASA report at Many nuclear power plants could not remain operational in the event of a long term grid failure, resulting in multiple meltdowns. In the event of a severe solar storm many facilities in many countries could be put in jeopardy. When a plant loses power it has to rely on backup (30 days) required for American plants. The problem with a massive grid failure is not just power, but food, civil issues due to food shortages, fuel distribution, refrigeration issues, etc. Plant workers need to eat as well and a several month grid failure would create absolute pandemonium. Workers would abandon posts in order to help family, fuel would get used up fast. Pumps rely on the grid at gas stations and nuclear power plants. Many nuclear plants in the USA are 30+ years old and have limited power/cooling redundancy. And, no power plants are designed to withstand an 8.3+ earthquakes, besides the power grid issue. Hundreds of Japan Fukashima level events could result within a month to two month period following long term grid failure. Get this conversation going so Congress will take action. Japan has some of the safest standards other countries have far from safe systems. Research for yourself and get people informed. Action must be taken now to prevent this from happening…. They know it is possible. see link (day 10) It is important that people understand how fragile nuclear power plants are. They
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DISASTER: Theory Of Solar Activity And Magnetic Mayhem And Resulting Mass Animal Die-Offs 2/3

How To Go To Heaven: CME’s Cause Earthquakes As posted in the Chile quake thread CME’s happened right before the Japan and Chile thread. A scientist agrees with the observation: Title: Sun-earth environment study to understand earthquake predictio…

STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY The Sun Now Solar Watcher NOAA Space Weather Scale for Geomagnetic Storms

David Sereda: The Fukushima Disaster & Your Health – Part 1

David Sereda joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where he discusses the global impact of the Fukushima Disaster on the people of the world and our environment. He also goes deeply into what people can do to protect themselves from radiation exposure. About David Sereda: David is co-founder of VOICE Entertainment, Director, Producer, filmmaker, photographer, author and public speaker. He is also a well known space scientist, physicist, ecologist and spiritual explorer. He has planted over 1.3 million trees in Canada, spoke in Congress for Clean Fusion Power in 1993, marketed sustainable housing, break throughs in oil spill clean-up, solar, wind and hydrogen technology. His goal is to inspire and teach other people about how they can have their own mystical/religious experiences, and how they can use meditation and prayer to heal any mental challenges or personal struggles they might be experiencing. For additional programming like this, visit
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ARMAGEDDON READY russian news to predict earthy disaster comet elenin solar flares

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SOLAR FLARES 9/28/11 next potential DISASTER this YEAR / GOV. dont want you to know 2011 today

100 foot tsunami,volcanos earthquake, planes hit in mid air. CONGRESS in RECESS THIS WEEK INTERESTING. Its not the end of the world. only signs of MATT24 MARK13 LUKE21..INTERESTING FOOD FOR THOUGHT………bible UFO illuminati channel

“THE FALL GUY #4″…(Walking Disaster) Stupid Funny Pranks in Public!!!

Rowzman of BustaGut Tv presents the 4th episode of “The Fall Guy.” He’s a clumsy, accident prone, walking disaster who stumbles around in public!!! This is another silly prank-like video for us big kids who enjoy cheesy comedy! FEW PEOPLE CAN ENJOY MY LEVEL OF STUPID!!! Yeah!!!

Snake Bytes TV – Snake Disaster

Sometimes really bad things happen beyond your control. Watch and see what it was for us. Hang with us at: Get stuff at or http Follow me at: or

2012: Disaster or revolution?

What will happen in the year 2012? Religion and the Mayan calender both say a disaster is on the horizon for mankind, but is it? What proof is there? PLEASE NOTE: The musical and video material in this video is the property of the respective owners. ***This video material ©2008 by David Bayliss. All rights reserved. Copying or reproduction of any material is prohibited without written permission of David Bayliss*** Created by: DaveandNic4eva With special thanks to: Cruecollector666 ThetaProjecktMediaHonors for this video: 28/11/2008 #8 – Most Discussed (Today) – Science & Technology #71 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology #96 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – Sweden #31 – Top Favorited (Today) – Science & Technology #10 – Top Rated (Today) – Science & Technology Honors this week: #75 – Top Rated (This Week) – Science & Technology #65 – Most Discussed (This Week) – Science & Technology

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