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Fuck You Dont Cross

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dont watch this eps3

3rd episode of our dont watch this series we decided to take gumby off to the beach and mcdonalds and ya alot of fun enjoy comment rate subscribe and leave your dares and questions below

He just don’t get it, Franklin the Pumpkin still can’t help it but fall asleep…lol

pranks on a spanish guy @ a session

PRANK CALL: I Don’t Speak Spanish!

Gaming channel: —————————————————————————— The idea was to initially speak spanish to the person answering the phone and when they transferred me to a spanish speaking person I act like I don’t speak spanish… anyway enjoy! also thanks to: for recording the calls! Twitter: Facebook: Google+: T-Shirts: Second Channel: Gaming Channel: —————————————————————————— Send me letters! DashieXP PO BOX 670291 Coral Springs, FL 33067 ——————————————————————————
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dont touch a luchadores mask

Top TV Shows Based on Celebrity Blackjack, Celebrity Boot Camp, Celebrity Boxing, Celebrity Bullseye, Celebrity Circus, Celebrity Concerts, Celebrity Cooking Showdown, Celebrity Cooks, Celebrity Daredevils, Celebrity Deathmatch, Celebrity Debut, Celebrity First Loves, Celebrity…
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Best Dancers! Enjoy (please dont take our moves)

sick dancing with the newest world wide crew!!! Latino Pride!!
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Episode 2 “Don’t Touch My Juice”.mov

Funny video of three brothers. “Don’t Touch My Juice” is the second in a series of videos about brothers and their daily lives in Africa.
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don’t sell yourself short

wedding rings, pranks call, and fighting the daily fight

Tim McGraw Dont Take The Girl parody

derek his brother and i were just sittin around and came up with this idea
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Don’t go to sleep pt 2

Scaring one of my cousins, apparently grabbing your pillow provides protection

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