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Drinking Out of Cups

talking about drinking out of cups
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baby bosco wong.first time drinking coke,notice him @45 secs

baby bosco wong …first time drinking coke
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AJK- 2nd most interesting man in the world drinking Captain Morgan

AJK- 2nd most interesting man in the world drinking Captain Morgan
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Girls Prank Their Father With Lots of Salt in His Drinking Water – Funny Comedy Video

Two very sneaky and devious little girls use hidden cameras and play a real good prank on their dad while he was out checking the mail between taking a break after mowing the grass. See the surprise they give their dad when he goes back in the house and sits down to finish eating his yogurt and drinking his bottled water. Be sure to keep sending in your prank ideas! You may be the next one featured in our video. If you would like to audition for acting or singing and be on TV you may find out more information on how by visiting our auditions website at Be advised that a few members of law enforcement and the local schools monitor this channel regularly so be on your best behavior and be safe! Hope all of you keep having a fun and safe Spring and looking forward to making more comedy videos during them Summer months since there is always something funny going on whenever we are out having fun. We will be working on our next parody music video and we are going to be doing some online interviews via Skype so check back soon and see who we interview next. Do you think that this prank reminds you of a viva la bam moment?
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Sam Lloyd & Lloyd Austin of Fhat TV share with you ‘THE BEST DRINKING GAME EVER!!!’. (Roxanne Drinking Game!) Song is Roxanne by The Police! SUBSCRIBE! @FHATSAMLLOYD @LLOYDKU

Jim Jefferies Tries to Give Up Drinking

Aussie comic Jim Jefferies explains how people in the UK get WAY more drunk than Americans do, and how his doctor had to convince him that an enlarged liver is not a good thing.
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Another Irish Drinking Song lyrics

**EDIT** Fuck yes! 300000+! An amusing song. **ATTENTION** I am now taking requests!!! Message me your request and I might make it!!!
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Vlog – Drinking with Ben

Hehe. Vlog: Twitter: Facebook group: Email: Gift Shop: _____________________ Today’s Show Things you shouldn’t do while drunk: Drunk man kills undrunk man whilst in vehicle:
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50000 Drunk Play seria: LoL Drinking Game

Dzisiaj dopiero nagram kolejne części drunk play jutro wrzucę 😉 Do wszystkich napinaczy League of Legends. Ja wcale nie uważam, że jestem dobry w LoLa. Gram przeciętnie i tyle. Nie wiem o co bulwers w komentarzach jest.
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