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Let’s Paint,Exercise,& Blend Drinks TV!

Host John Kilduff paints while jogging on a treadmill, blends a drink and takes your calls live. http
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camel drinks coke

Top 25 TV Shows Based on : Gospel of Deceit, Gospel’s Greatest Performances: 30 Years of the Dove Awards, Gossip Girl, Gossip Show, Gossip: Tabloid Tales, Gotta Dance!, Gotta Kick It Up, Gotti’s Way, Gottschalk, a Musical Portrait, Gourmet Getaways with Robin Leach, Gown Crazy, Grace & Glorie, Grace Kelly: Hollywood Princess, Grace Under Fire, Graceland: The African Concert, Gracie’s Choice, Graduating Peter, Grady, Graffiti Rock, Graham Kerr: A Man for All Seasonings, Graham Kerr: The Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr’s Kitchen, Graham Norton Effect, Graham Norton Show, Grambling’s White Tiger

Hotel Front Desk Clerk Drinks Urine

Some call it telephone terrorism, and now, police say a group behind a string of nationwide prank calls, found victims in Central Kentucky. Investigators say a guest and employee at a Lexington hotel fell for a trick, that quickly turned disgusting. Word first surfaced on The Smoking Gun website. The report claims a man called a guest at a Lexington hotel, and later an employee at the Homewood Suites, making up an elaborate story about a Hepatitis scare and the need to drink a liquid. In the end, investigators say the clerk ended up drinking the man’s urine, after the prank caller told her it was apple cider. It was all caught on audio tape. The incident is now being investigated as a criminal investigation. The Smoking Gun has been investigating, and has identified several people they say are responsible for the prank. All of them are from other parts of the country. So far, no charges have been filed. — AIRDATE: 08-06-2009 TRANSCRIPT: good afternoon, im chris goodman. thanks for joining us. dia davidson is off today. a group of men, who gather on the chat site pranknet dot org…are wreaking havoc across the country. but the prank they pulled on a hotel clerk july 20th here in lexington…may be the most disturbing yet. kristen pflum is live in the newsroom with todays big story at 1230. chris, everything went perfect for the texas man who wanted to play a little joke on an unsuspecting hotel clerk at the howood suites in lexington. we want to warn you
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Dog Drinks From Mom’s Mouth

Boy he’s really thirsty, really really thirsty thanks to
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guy drinks pee

i switched my friends lemonade for my pee
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The wild Colleen drinks water

Colleen has discovered a watering hole.

Andrew Zimmern drinks Cow’s blood

LOL at dracula
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Strange and Bizarre Drinks from Japan [Ep. 35-3] – There are a lot of strange and bizarre things that come out of Japan, and beverages are not exception. Count down some of these oddities on this week’s top 10 with the boys at Bad Communication. ***Show Notes*** Our full episodes go live every Monday evening and can be found on our main site. Our top stories from that week’s episode go live on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday only on YouTube.
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Fast Cars,Fast Woman && Cheep Drinks.

Having Much Fun At Tia`s Place. Lots of yelling from Cody. && This is old. My name is Samiicxnt. && I like to party.
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Gross Food And Drinks

jordan and curt drink and eat gross foods

Joshy doesn’t like whatever food this was
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