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Angry black man – Pranksta man calls #3 ( stoner dude)

WE DO DO REQUEST ! if u think it is fake, why dont u try it bitch ?

Tazer! Dude is tazered and screams retarded – Funny Video must see

Tazer! Dude is tazered and screams retarded – Funny Video must see Check out some funny Tazer Videos: Retarded Policeman #8: Tazer – Woman Gets Tazered Armed and Famous Taser Scene – University of Florida student Tasered at Kerry Police Overreact with a Taser Gun – ********************************* Thanks to homemadevideos for sharing the video with Panic Attack Videos check out their page ********************************* Weall love a good scare, and if you love pranks, scary videos and strange things, you’ve come to the right place. Panic Attack Videos offers the best scary videos, funny pranks and funniest bloopers. We love setting up our friends and family and capturing people awesome reactions on film for everyone to see. From scaring the crap out of their friends to making really spooky videos is the thing they enjoyed most. Laugh along to the hilarious reactions of people as they are caught off guard and everything is caught on video. Click here to Subscribe: Check out our scary shirts @ Check out our channel http Visit us @ See us on Twitter! http See us on Facebook! ******************************************** SCARY OR FUNNY PRANK IDEA! Do you have a scary or funny prank idea? Submit your idea to us by channel comment or email us at panicattackvideos @
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Drunk kebab dude dances at work and gets fired

Some drunk dude puts on music while’s working and dances the night away. His boss tells him to get back to work but he ignores him completely.
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Dude i so got you {Number 1}

in this video you will find that jesse simply can not find the matching sock haha i so got him
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Pranking the Pizza dude (AGAIN!) @ Felix

A MuppetDesign video – Please rate my video. And if you like my videos, you should subscribe! Thanks. —————————————— We just can’t get enough by pranking those pizzaguys. Ps: THE LANGUAGE IS DUTCH! IN CASE YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND A .. OF IT!

Tom Hanks (soundboard) Prank Calls Random Dude

This time, i used a Tom Hanks Soundboard!!!
Video Rating: 2 / 5

Silly – Prankz RANDOM Melbourne Dude Helps Silly Prank

Ring up this bloke, and here he is helping me prank some random. Good on the cocksuhker!
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Prank Call to some dude

Prank call to some dude using *Course Language*
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Naked guys prank on sleeping dude

we threw him lemon , water, vodka and gelatine (powder) in the end he is saying “se fueron al carajo pero mal” that means “you guys went too fucking far”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Girlfriend gives dude a headache

LOL what a biotch!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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