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Rottweilers Puppies- by Eduardo Durán Haedo –

Excellent video about this breed video created by Eduardo Durán Haedo.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Duran Duran – Union Of The Snake

Music video by Duran Duran performing Union Of The Snake (2003 Digital Remaster).

Duran Duran – Ordinary World

Music video by Duran Duran performing Ordinary World (2003 Digital Remaster).
Video Rating: 0 / 5

Ghost Hunters International (S02E13) Cartago, Costa Rica – Duran Sanatorium Reveal

Visit: for Paranormal News and Information. The GHI team travels to Cartago, Costa Rica to investigate Duran Sanatorium. The facility is managed by Mardy Ocamp Villalobos. Although the facility still has electricity, it is out of use. The walls are covered with graffiti and unusual paintings. Duran Sanatorium has a dark history. It was once a hospital for people with tuberculosis, a prison, and a women & children’s hospital. It is also a paranormal hotspot among the locals in Cartago. There have been many claims of full body apparitions, and the team is going to focus on really trying to capture visual evidence. Ashley Godwin and Robb Demarest open the night’s investigation by conducting an EVP session in the Women & Children’s Hospital. There have been several reports of shadows jumping from room to room. Robb opens up his questions with a little spanish. He sets an EMF reader on the floor which indicates the magnetic fields in the room. While Ashley and Robb are asking questions the EMF reader reacts almost as if some force walked right by it. Robb began to hear the sounds of someone or something rocking back and forth on the floor. Although the evidence wasn’t jumping out as being paranormal it was definitely an interesting way to open up the evening’s investigation. The abandoned home of Carlos Duran is also on the estate. On the rooftop there has been claimed sightings of an apparition on the rooftop. Brandy Green and Joe Chin are there to
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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