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Hilarious Call of Duty Prank Call!

Check it out!
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Funny Call Of Duty Prank! Rate it

lol xD funny thing my friend I IMI ID S does on XBL. sub to guy who recorded Steps for the glitch: 1. Find someone with a mic 2. Ask them if they want to see a glitch 3. Tell them to stand in a certain spot so it can seem legit 4.Tell them to look down at their controller( so they cant see the screen) 5. If you are in the pre game lobby tell them to press Circle, Up, X if on xbox press B,Up,A 6. If you are in a game tell them to press :start,up,A(or X), up,A(or X) ***CONTEST*** 1. Record someone doing what he did in a vid 2. Upload it as a vid response RULES: Cant be fake, seem staged The video can be a mash up of multiple times you did it The Funnier it is, the more likely you will win Prize; If we get alot of entry’s, then we will do like a top ten and if not we will upload the best one any suggestions. leave a comment message xSF FRiiSCO SFx on xbox or SF__FRISCO__SF on psn for more details
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Call of Duty Black ops: Sticks and Stones

I posted this video because it is one of my best sticks and stones matches. In the begining I started out pretty slow, but then I started dominating. I ended up with 36 kills and 12 deaths. I had a couple good streaks and a huge streak of hatchet kills. Enjoy.
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 The Anti Booster Episode 10 by qu1cks1lvr (Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay)

Hey everyone I know this is coming out way later then it should have, with black ops out for almost a month now. But do to software,school, work, horrible pranks gone wrong, and if anything a complete editing software nightmare. Episode 10 is finally up and running, so here you go. I know I didn’t do all the normal zoom in and out stuff but I’m just happy to get this up and loaded.

Call of Duty Black Ops – Funny Prank “Turn Around”

This is What You Get For Camping! Next time, Read the 1st Message! Enjoy!
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call of duty 4 money grenade

this works everytime
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Call of Duty Mw3 Wurfmesser Luckis (DimiStayl)

Gespielt von(DimiStayl,Marcel_Pro97,FCA__13,Karizma_Force) Wir freuen uns für ( Abonnieren) Weitere Videos von Call of Duty Mw3 findet ihr auf unseren Channel Wenn es euch gefallen hat Daumen Hoch !!! MFG DimiStayl
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Call of Duty World at War unboxing

Call of Duty world at war unboxing

Call Of Duty Release Prank

Filmed by PrankVsPrank:

Adam Irigoyen, Kenton Duty and Davis Cleveland – Monster Mash Music Video

The music video for Monster Mash.
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