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Wendy the Retard Calls Electric Co. (plus Crazy Cabbie AOL Prank) – Howard Stern

2 retarded pranks

JFL Hidden Camera Pranks Gags Electric Puppy

JFL Hidden Camera Pranks Gags Electric Rabbi

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Electric Fly Swatter Torture

I bought an electric fly swatter and spent the past few days sneaking up on John and torturing him with it. PO Box Address Nikki and John PO box 127 Norco, CA 92860 Our T-shirt Store: (USA) T-shirts in the UK (UK) Our Facebook Fanpage: Twitter: Johns Twitter: Nikkis twitter Google PLUS us! Nikki’s G+ : John’s Website:
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Hot Girlfriend Electric fence Prank

I tricked my Girlfriend into picking up a electric fence dog collar and walk through the fence. Much more videos of us like this at our youtube channel. SO SUBSCRIBE
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The Electric Company | Rebus Puzzle | PBS KIDS GO! The Electric Company solves a mysterious rebus, only to find that they’ve been duped by the Pranksters. The Electric Company is back! Turn it on Fridays, starting January 23rd, only on PBS KIDS GO! Check out more at
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Electric Alarm Clock Prank

Well, it worked, right? Got him up faster than it normally would…

THE ELECTRIC COMPANY: Sneak Peek: Prankster Holiday

Get a sneak peak of Prankster Holiday. For more clips and games go to: Watch The Electric Company on PBS KIDS GO!

Electric Door Handle Prank

Electric Door Handle Prank
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David Sereda on Quantum Communication, the Body Electric, & the 2012 Interstellar Cloud 6/8 [HD]

PLAYLIST: | A big shift of energy could be coming in 2012 that is going to affect every living thing on the planet, and possibly trigger quakes and other sudden earth changes, said scientist, filmmaker & mystic ecologist David Sereda. The solar system may have entered such a new field of energy on December 22, 2010, which set off a chain of events, including the largest storm ever recorded on Saturn, the strange bird and animal die-offs, and an early sunrise in Greenland (related to a wobble of the Earth and the moving of the magnetic pole), Serada outlined. David Sereda’s latest research on the Earth’s pole shift and why the sunrise has been early, the bird die-off, quantum electro-dynamics, and 2012, as well as new children being born with advanced abilities are discussed at length. Pointing out that the human body has an electrical magnetic field, he noted that it can be affected by activity on the sun, as well as energies coming from different parts of the galactic plane, as the Earth moves through it. Children born into the current cosmic energy have new DNA that enables them to talk to angels or with entities on the Other Side, he suggested. Or in some cases, they can even physically pop in and out of dimensions and disappear for a time, he reported. Their higher vibration of consciousness may tie into the idea of the Rapture, with people moving into another dimension. Sereda also shared some of his personal mystical and paranormal experiences such

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