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Elvis Mokko

One of the most bizarre novelty acts of all times. It was filmed in Paris’ Cirque d’Hiver building in the 70s. More on:
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Elvis on Stilts – from Las Vegas, Co. Antrim

Elvis as you’ve never seen him before – 9 feet tall, in his “Burning Love” jumpsuit & cape. Music quality intentionally degraded & SFX added to avoid misuse of same.
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Ghost riders in the Sky from Elvis (Remix)

Elvis sings GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY in 1970
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Chase with Elvis Presley & Dean Martin. Part 9: Hunk o’ burnin’ wheels

Guy has been framed by Crown for Bernice’s murder and he tries to outrun the police so he can catch the real killer. Matt manages to escape from Solaris exploding island, but he is followed… Elvis Presley ……… Guy Lambert Dean Martin ……….. Matt Helm Jackie Gleason ….. Sheriif Buford T. Justice Roger Moore ………. Hitman Ann-Margret ……….. Suzy Clifton James …….. Sheriff JW Pepper Ernest Borgnine … Sheriff Lyle Wallace Sean Connery ……. Dr. Solaris The Chase is a fanmade movie based on the crazy chats of FountainofCreativity and SnoozeMooze. Many Windows Movie Makers were harmed in making this episode. WARNING! THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SEXY MEN, GORGEOUS WOMEN, FAST CARS AND MASSIVE EXPOSIONS!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Bizarre Jobs: Elvis In Training

A countdown of strange and unusual jobs, meet #2, Joe Hanson, as an Elvis-in-training.

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