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Justin Bieber Playing A Little Prank On Emma And Marissa

Justin Plays A Little Prank On Two Girls!! XD He tries to get them to pull gum out of a gum pack but……. one of the girls is really scared to do it so it takes the whole video for her to pull it!!! ( Marissa ) Its HILARIOUS when you see her reaction after she pulls the gum pack :)

PRANKED EMMA!!!! (10.23.2010-DAY 296)

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Justin Bieber playing a little prank on Emma and Marissa (Orginal Video)

Justin thought it would be funny to get them to try his new “gum” stop cussing, like its so annoying and unnecessary follow us on twitter: @allieturman23 – allie @justinbieber – justin @jasminemusicvip – jasmine @emmabrighttt – emma @scooterbraun – scooter @kennyhamilton – kenny
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I met Emma!

Something me and Emma, also known as vnvsnape, had been planning for awhile. I met up with her at the Georgia Aquarium last Friday. Her group was able to get to go on the backstage tour of the aquarium, and I got to go with them because Emma had told them about me. (There is no footage of the backstage tour, but I mention it in the video.)
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When Emma Thompson Pretended To Be Jane Austen

Emma Thompson’s win for Best Screenplay at the Golden Globes (1995). Instead of speaking as herself, she read a speech from the point of view of Jane Austen, and what Jane might have thought if she’d attended. This is one of my favourite things. Full speech is as follows (with my sincere thanks to futurefighter2008 for transcribing it): Thank you very much. Good Heavens. Um, I can’t thank you enough, Hollywood Foreign Press, for honouring me in this capacity. I don’t wish to burden you with my debts, which are heavy and numerous but, um, I think that everybody involved in the making of this film knows that we owe all our pride and all our joy to the genius of Jane Austen. And, um, it occurred to me to wonder how she would react to an evening like this… This is what I came up with. Four am, having just returned from an evening at the Golden Spheres, which despite the inconveniences of heat, noise and overcrowding was not without its pleasures. Thankfully, there were no dogs and no children. The gowns were middling. There was a good deal of shouting and behaviour verging on the profligate, however, people were very free with their compliments and I made several new acquaintances. Here was Lindsay Doran of Mirage, wherever that might be, who’s largely responsible for my presence here, an enchanting companion about whom too much good cannot be said. Mr. Ang Lee, of foreign extraction, who most unexpectedly appeared to understand me better than I understand myself. Mr
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Cow dog in training – “Emma Grace”

This is one of our 10 month old puppies learning to work cows. This is only he 4th time she has seen cattle. She is smart and willing and extremely personable. In 4 short sessions, she is quickly learning her commands and where to be. We have other puppies, and finished dogs available. There will be registered Border Collie puppies available in the near future. Check out our website at

Conjoined twins, Emma and Taylor Bailey

From the desk of “Debbie Reynolds”, Honorary Chairperson: @: Dear Friends, The OneHeart Umbrella Campaign is a fundraising effort launched by the Broadway Palm Theater in Mesa, Arizona dedicated to helping “Emma and Taylor Bailey” and the “Two Sisters One Heart Foundation”. Emma and Taylor Bailey are two beautiful little girls who were born as “conjoined twins”. They share one heart. They are in urgent need of medical attention. Their heart is failing. Ours won’t. When I heard that the Broadway Palm Theatre has dedicated their current production of “Singin’ in the Rain” to this effort I was delighted to offer my services as Honorary Chairperson for the “OneHeart Umbrella Campaign”. It has been gratifying, humbling, and truly moving to see how many celebrities and others have stepped forward to help these girls and the Two Sisters One Heart Foundation a nonprofit organization created to help the Baileys and other families facing similar medical, financial and emotional challenges. The OneHeart Umbrella Campaign has asked both celebrities and non-celebrities alike to help. PERSONALIZED & AUTOGRAPHED UMBRELLAS have been generously donated by stars of film, television, sports, and theater. They will be auctioned on eBay and the proceeds will benefit the “Two Sisters One Heart Foundation”. The first star we approached was Kathie Lee Gifford who immediately opened her heart and said yes. She also graciously enlisted other celebrities, who were
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2009 Emma Crawford Coffin Races in Manitou Springs, CO

2009 Emma Crawford Coffin Races in Manitou Springs, Colorado
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Lunchworks Emma Clarke Q & A Pt 1

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Lunchworks Emma Clarke Talk pt2

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