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Prank Gone Wrong (The Alternate Ending)

The Alternate Ending
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Playthrough Part 57 [Ending & Credits]

A big thanks to everyone, who saw the most of my blind Playthroughs and sbcribed of Super Mario Galaxy 2! Now it´s done after 57 parts! You think it´s the real end of my SMG2 Playthrough parts? You´re wrong! I´ll continue with some special parts and maybe with some awesome levels. Thank you again. A Playthrough of another game? You want it? To be continued of course. =) Bye.
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british prank-never ending pedestrians

the British humor…

Slap up Party Arad Senki Ending Full Version!!

Disclaimer: i do not own any content of this video and i do not claim any copyrights, everything belongs to the rightful owner.
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Death Note Alternate Ending (Joke)

It looked so good in my head
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solar flare ending the world

solar flare ending the world
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4th part of a mix of documentary and fiction produced by the Discovery Channel that shows what might happen to our civilization and technology in 2012 if we are hit by a massive solar storm
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Funny Never Ending VBS Virus Prank (Tutorial in Description)

this is not really a virus but it is cool and annoying. as you can see the X button does not work on these! TUTORIAL -go to notepad and type in the following msgbox “your message here”,20,”WINDOWS” msgbox “your message here”,20,”WINDOWS” msgbox “your message here”,20,”WINDOWS” -you can repeat the lines as many times as you like -where it says “your message here”, write in a statement like “dont click the buttons” -where it says “WINDOWS” change it to any title or icon you like, you can type in “notepad” or maybe “internet explorer” and trick someone into thinking its an error message -i am 99% sure all messages and titles can be different on every line of code -when you are done make sure there arnt any problems and save your work in notepad as a .vbs file instead of .txt, to do this just name it something like untitled.vbs -this last step is very important so read carefully, you must subscribe and comment -enjoy it and set it on someone! -i am sure the numbers can be changed to make something weird and/or funny and/or cool but i never bothered to try, feel free to change the number but dont blame me if it fails or does something
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prank at collage (ending women’s suffrage)

its not mine got it at Prankster gets a bunch of college girls to sign a petition against women’s suffrage.
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 : 120 Power Stars Ending & Credits

This video contains the ending and credits for Super Mario Galaxy 2, after 120 Power Stars have been collected and played as Luigi. There is an additional scene at the end, introducing the Green Stars (@ 6:36). The Green Star missions commence in the next video.

Prank Call to Pizza Pit – Biscuits? with a HILARIOUS ENDING

A prank call to Pizza Pit asking if they sell biscuits using Listen all the way through for a hilarious ending. Prank dial.

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