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Enter Shikari Interview –

Scuzz and Enter Shikari in London Leicester Square. We catch up with the St Albans trace-core guys during the Summer of 2007.Go to the worlds greatest rock social network.
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Enter Shikari’s Mascot ‘Skully’ playing drums

Enter Shikari’s Mascot ‘Skully’ playing drums in the studio
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bmtf wrestling enter veiw episode 2

vertex is saying he is going to beat JT
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Can Satan Enter Your Body? – Answers for Christians John 13:27 said that after at the sop Satan entered into him. The first thing you need to do, is find out what sop is and stay away from it. It’s hard to imagine something taking your body over, but I’m not about to say that it’s impossible. The next time that your spouse gets mad, maybe Satan has entered their body and even if Satan hasn’t, you can still use it as an excuse to entertain your friends. Visit our website today and watch as many of our videos as you can, to learn about some of the problems we’re facing today with Christianity.
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Enter Sandman

This is part 2 of my movie monster series. It’s another happy little tribute to demons, possessions, exorcisms… all set to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. Features clips from Constantine, The Exorcist movies, The Omen, Stigmata (and a few bits from unrelated movies- Silent Hill, Hellboy, Van Helsing, Sleepy Hollow, and Red Dragon).

Casey Anthony: 7/5/11 Part 4 (Cindy And George Enter The Courtroom)

Day 47 Cindy is NOT doing well at all.

Enter: The Prank Zone

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husbands, cuz we prankin urrbody out here!

The Laizarian Theory – Episode Four: Enter the Savage

Here, Mr. Savage finally takes on his role as the team Musician, and shows you some of his awesome guitar skills, including a home made draft, non-studio recorded version of his title song, Flea Circus.

how people of the hood enter a vehicle (the secret version) top secret

haha most people think we get in through the door nope we dont get our stuff stole cus we do it dukes of hazard style, well..forget dukes of hazard, this is some shaff stuff right here… sort of. we will have to play this vid upside down to keep dumb criminals from learning our tricks, so u see a fool walking around on his head trying to get near your car he prob watched this vid so get your gat or call the cops u got a robber on your hands, ya hear me

BETC Music to enter the Guinness World Records

BETC Music to enter the Guinness World Records ! Thursday November 17th, Fabrice Brovelli (BETC Euro RSCG managing director) and Christophe Caurret (BETC Music, Music superviser) have received in Paris Social Club from mister Guinness Book himself the Guiness Word Record certificate of « the most viewed online advertisement » for Evians Roller-skating Babies. The spot has been viewed on the web 45166109 times since his lauch last summer (as of 9 november 2009). The success-story of the spot began on July 4th : in twenty four hours, the buzz generated by the Skating Babies became even bigger than Michael Jackson et Suzan Boyle ! Developed by BETC Euro RSCG, the French agency, the campaign shows the babies performing stunts to the sound of Rapper’s Delight, a song by the Sugarhill Gang which became the first ever international hip hop hit in 1979. It was remixed for Evian by Dan the Automator, the hip hop Producer (Gorillaz, DJ Shadow, Kasabian).
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