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ET/UFO Disclosure | Stanley A. Fulham | JANUARY 2011 UFO DISPLAY PREDICTIONS

(NEW) December 3, 2010: NEW JANUARY 2011 UFO DISPLAY PREDICTIONS – Stanley A. Fulham, December 3rd, 2010 I had advised my readers and UFOlogist supporters I would notify them by e-mail on the next major UFO display in their ‘intervention process’ with mankind which started in their major display over New York on 13th October 2010. The prediction, documented in my book Challenges of Change (Third printing in March, 2010) stated that “that there would be a major display over our principal cities” on that date. There was a great deal of speculation about this change in the Transcendors prediction. In late September 2010 I asked the Transcendors about this significant change. They replied: “The Pleiadians are much more aware of the consciousness of mankind than you are—after all they have been observing you for millions of years. They came to the conclusion that mankind (generally speaking) is not prepared for a massive display of their UFOs over our principal cities. They would regard it as a hostile intervention—a prelude to invasion. Accordingly, the Alien Council decided about three-weeks before their ‘display’ they would focus on one of our principal cities, New York. It is recognized worldwide as our most cosmopolitan city with a population not likely to be overwhelmed by the sight of UFOs; however, the ‘display’ date of 13 October 2010 would remain. There were other major UFO sightings on that date all over the world. But the Transcendors caution that they were not

ET/UFO Disclosure | Richard Dolan | The UFO Cover-Up in 10 Minutes | January 27, 2011

Richard Dolan explains some of the high points of the on-going UFO cover-up, but it’s not your average lecture. Video Courtesy of Richard Dolan – &
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Obama ET/UFO Disclosure announcement 2011 “THE TIME IS UP” People Want the Truth now

Credit goes to Stanley Fulham dies — leaves legacy of UFO/ET predictions Barack Obama to make UFO announcement in coming weeks BREAKING NEWS: Obama To Admit UFO Visits In United States! The official deadline for UFO Disclosure | December 31, 2010 or Star Nations will take Disclosure in their own Hands http Is there a connection? Dec. 31, 2010, 11:59 pm, EST, [05:00 hrs., Jan. 1, 2011, Greenwich Mean Time/UTC/Zulu], is the official Deadline for the US Government to make a formal Official Public Acknowledgment that Star Visitor Contact and Communication has occurred. Preparation for this public information announcement was the subject of an official Executive Order (classified) signed by President Barack Obama, directing the National Security Council’s Special Studies Group to prepare a plan for such a series of Official Government Public Acknowledgments of Star Visitor Contacts and Communications with US Government representatives. The US Government is preparing to do this pursuant to a formal Agreement made with Star Nations: that the US would stop its policy of UFO Cover-Up this year. Of course such a public announcement could occur any time prior to December 31st too. Star Nations, and its representative, the Councillor of Earth (Dr. Richard Boylan), have advised the Government that if they renage on complying with that Agreement, that Star Nations will initiate a series of open

ET/UFO Disclosure | Russia Today | UFOs are Real!

Amazing new book on UFOs with numerous Generals, Pilots and Government Officials giving their testimonies. These highly credible witnesses bring home the reality of the Ufo topic, bringing disclosure on step forward and to top it off former White House chief of staff John Podesta gives the book his approval. An Air Force major is ordered to approach a brilliant UFO in his Phantom jet over Tehran. He repeatedly attempts to engage and fire on unusual objects heading right toward his aircraft, but his missile control is locked and disabled. Witnessed from the ground, this dogfight becomes the subject of a secret report by the US Defense Intelligence Agency. In Belgium, an Air Force colonel investigates a series of widespread sightings of unidentified triangular objects, and he sends F-16s to attempt a closer look. Many hundreds of eyewitnesses, including on-duty police officers, file reports, and a spectacular photograph of an unidentifiable craft is retrieved and analyzed. Here at home, a retired chief of the FAA’s Accidents and Investigations Division reveals the agency’s response to a thirty-minute encounter between an aircraft and a gigantic UFO over Alaska, which occurred during his watch and is documented on radar. Now all three of these distinguished men have written breathtaking, firsthand accounts about these extraordinary incidents. They are joined by Air Force generals and a host of high-level sources—including Fife Symington III, former governor of Arizona, and

ET/UFO Disclosure | “We’re here, so there’s something out there!” | New Zealand | December 23, 2010

A Christchurch family believe they saw a convoy of UFOs travelling above their house — and say they’ve got the pictures to prove it. It comes a day after secret documents of UFO sightings were released by the New Zealand Defence Force. Caught on video is what is thought to be one of 10 UFOs travelling in a convoy above the streets of Christchurch. Jeannine Mander spotted the series of lights moving in the sky above her house last Wednesday, at 10pm. “Bright, bright orange lights, with a flicker in them,” she explains. She wasn’t the only one to see the UFO, with neighbours and family watching on the deck. “I believe there is something out there. We are here, so there is something out there. We can’t be the only living form,” says Ms Mander. The NZDF released over 2000 secret documents on UFO sightings over the last 70 years. Ms Mander says what she saw was very similar to that which was recorded in Kaikoura in 1978.

ET/UFO Disclosure | New Zealand releases UFO government files | December 22, 2010

After UFO Disclosure by UK, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil governments in last two years, now New Zealand government finally came forward and publish its own x-files. Thousands of secret files on New Zealand’s UFO reports are set to be made public, nearly 32 years to the day after our most famous sighting. The files include every witness account of unidentified flying objects reported to authorities since the early 1950s, including the 1978 Kaikoura mystery. They had been held by Archives New Zealand, which was to make them available in February after requests from the public, but the Defence Force stepped in, saying it needed to remove personal identification to comply with the Privacy Act. The Defence Force promised to release the files by the end of this year and is due to make them public this week. More than 2000 pages of files will be issued in 12 volumes. Squadron Leader Kavae Tamariki said the Defence Force would not comment on the files’ content. “We’ve just been a collection point for the information. We don’t investigate or make reports, we haven’t substantiated anything in them.” The Defence Force did not have the resources to investigate UFO sightings, Squadron Leader Tamariki said. The director of research group UFOCUS NZ, Suzanne Hansen, said she had been trying to get hold of the Defence Force files for nearly two years. “I started lobbying, and at first they said there was no way in the foreseeable future they’d be released. It’s been a

ET/UFO Disclosure | Secret UFO files released 2010

During World War II, Prime Minister Winston Churchill reportedly ordered a UFO sighting to be kept secret for half a century. This account is one of more than 5000 pages of UFO reports released in the UK by The National Archives
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