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EXCLUSIVE! BOP & Tiger Beat Behind The Scenes of Victoria Justice’s Music Video!

BOP & Tiger Beat were the only magazines invited to the set of Victoria Justice’s new music video, “Beggin’ On Your Knees.” Watch the video to see behind the scenes footage and check out what Vic had to say!
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VICTORIOUS star Avan Jogia takes POPSTAR! readers on an exclusive tour of the KIDS’ CHOICE AWARDS! In Part 2, check out all the action as Avan hits the orange carpet with his Nick friends! Read more at http
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PRANK CALL TUTORIAL! How to prank call (with exclusive bonus prank)

amiri king is the “king of prank calls” as labeled by his fans. Every prank is done by improvisation….here is a quick tutorial….showing you how its done.

The Free Beer Hot Wings Show EXCLUSIVE!!!!!

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show presents: EXCLUSIVE! Montgomery Maxwell gets pranked! Check out for more photos, links, and to get the podcast.

Fuse-4 Network Prank Call – Matt Needs Help! (Exclusive)

Be sure to subscribe! Listen to the introduction!
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Sooooo this is a video of pranks calls XD. Enjoy that before the Exclusive Comes on. Prank to Joanne Prank to Kenneth (idk his last name) AND ALSO…. prank to Kenneth Friend Kevin.. I couldnt find there pics so i used Chino’ Pics XD AND THENNNN…… AFTER ALL THE PRANKS!!!! *drum roll* EXCLUSIVE SONGS Song all by Victor C. AKA Chino’ AKA Victor AKA my brother Exclusive Pics if you dont have my brother on facebook or myspace ot youtube.. all exclusive and the last song OMG stay tune fo all of that. Victor INFO: SUB TO HIM!!!! My info.. ALL EXCLUSIVE SUB RATE FAV TELL UR FRIENDS! Victor C. and Kyoung1 singers XD
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Bop and Tiger Beat EXCLUSIVE: Sterling Knight on the Set of STARSTRUCK!

We got to visit the entire cast on set while they were filming Disney Channel’s StarStruck! We caught up with all the celebs in the movie including one of our faves Sterling Knight! Watch this video where he spills on his favorite craft service treat (and the food joke they played on his onscreen girlfriend Chelsea Staub!).
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Web Exclusive: Ellen’s Green Screen Fun

While taping in front of a green screen for a comedy bit, Ellen had a little fun playing around with her staff! See some of the hilarious outtakes here.

CJack Run Presents… Nephew Tommy (Steve Harvey Morning Show) – Part 1 (exclusive interview)

*Tune into CJack Run Presents…WorldWide Also check out CJack Run Presents…9:30 pm Wednesday nights – – on Time-Warner Ch. 98 in Central New York! . To check out Part 2 of Nephew Tommy interview Click here – – for To check out part 2 with highlights from Nephew Tommy’s show including an original song by opening act – Divinia Davis, an SU Junior in VPA from New Jersey You’re watching: An exclusive interview with Nephew Tommy of the Steve Harvey Morning Show during his stop here in Syracuse March 7, 2009 at the Crouse-Hinds Theater, Civic Center. Next on CJack Run Presents: We’re celebrating 2 years on air/online – Thanks 2 everyone who has shown some love! U r appreciated! B sure 2 tune in Wednesday night – April 8 – 9:30 pm on Ch. 98 for our special tribute to Motown and the late Stan Walker. Video courtesy of CJack Run Enterprises Your 1-Stop Shop 4 All of your Video & Audio Needs!
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Funny Unplugged Moments – Salman Khan – Ready Exclusive Video Blog

Funny Unplugged Moments – Salman Khan – Ready Exclusive Video Blog. Catch all the candid and never before seen moments from ‘Ready’. Watch Salman Khan have serious fits of laughter, pranks played on the sets and fun-filled action in this exclusive blog only on
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