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drawing on my face like a boss kids got bored and drew on my face hope yall like!!

Trey Songz Performs “Love Faces” & Neighbors Know My Name” – OMG Tour 2010 – Atlanta, Ga – 12/5/10

Trey Songz performing “Love Faces” & “Neighbors Know My Name”. He gets all the ladies…young and WELL SEASONED!!! Watch what he does to his shirt and gives to the woman in the front!! Go Girl!!!
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Complicated Chapter 3: Different Names, Familar Faces Part 1

Part 1 of Different Names Familar Faces Momoko’s POV- I cant believe Kaoru. Its the 1st day of high school and she has the chance of getting a boyfriend, but she ruins it. I wish I had that kind of chance. *sigh* “OK class, Im your homeroom teacher, Ms. Keane. Since we are all new here, we will introduce ourselfs before class. OK, lets start will the young lady in the back with red hair. Say your name and something that happened to you this summer.” oh thats me,what did i do this summer? I defeated mojo for the hundredth time, but i cant tell her that. i did it with bubbles and buttercup.I cant tell her that either. But i can tell her… “Hi, Im Momoko, and I spent my summer with my friends, Kaoru and Miyako.” Kaoru’s POV- “OK next the girl in green next to momoko” Ms.Keane said ok i have to not state that all i practicly did this summer was kick Mojo’s butt, so… “Hi, Im Kaoru, and I went to the skatepark this summer.” everyone was laughing and giggling. “What, its true! Ask Momoko” “It is true. she did go and she also entered a skateboarding contest and won 1st place. though you may think its hard to believe.” Thank you Momoko for saving me. “OK next the pretty girl in blue.”Ms.Keane said. Miyako’s POV- “Hello, Im Miyako and I shopped this summer” Momoko’s POV- “Ok next those three boys in that corner” Ms Keane stated “Hi, Im Boo…I am David, I spent my summer helping my brothers, B..Justin and Nick” said the Blonde boy sitting next to Miyako. “Hey, Im Nick. I also
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My cousin doing weird faces *_*

Well I think this video is funny and so did a lot of people I know but if you don’t think its funny then I am sorry and don’t un-sub me because what would be the point?? Thanks and if you liked this video then please subscribe!! :)
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Gonzales – 1000 Faces

He is running for the presidency of the Berlin underground… self-help anthems, sarcastic love songs and odes to the popularity contest. of course, these melodies will get you. Gonzales is a jewish prankster based in east Berlin & Paris. Born in the wild woods of Canada, he released two bestselling albums on Warner Music. In 1998 he relocated to the old world to begin intensive studies on mind control techniques. These techniques include the punishing repitition of off-kilter phat beats, orchestral jazz samples, futuristic-flow melodies and simply… piano.
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Prank – Murder “Caught On Tape” Faces Of Death Prank

Google+ FaceBook While doing a vlog in my old neighborhood I decided to show the folks where I used to go fishing. Along the way I came across a decapitated head laying on the side of the railroad tracks. After freaking out and running back across the old railroad bridge I end up falling and learning the truth behind the detached head. I was in fear for my life! . . Pranksters wanted! Do you like to prank people? Do you like to watch others being pranked? Go ahead and grab your camera and record your friends watching this video, or choose from a playlist of videos once you catch one of your friends on camera getting the wits scared out of them (because its funny), go ahead and post that video as a response to the video you pranked them with. I will then share with all my subscribers so everyone can have some epic lols. Subscribe to be apart of the fun Follow along on Facebook for behind the scenes updates might as well throw twitter in there too. CLICK THE BUTTON TO READ MORE VERY IMPORTANT INFO ON —————————–Screamer Videos now has a Facebook Fan page, come join and scare the crap out of people be sure to catch their reactions on video! Then post it on YouTube as a video response. I will share all video responses! The Screamer please subscribe Add me on Facebook Follow me
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Faces of Terror

I just got my tooth pulled, we were on our way to Alabama, and I was sound asleep… Courtesy of Vicodin.

The Two Faces of Mercy Ministries

Video by Cynic Sage Mercy Ministries blog http Desperate for help, they had turned to Mercy Ministries suffering mental illness, drug addiction and eating disorders. Do you know more? Message 0424 SMS SMH (+61 424 767 764) or email us with information or images. Instead of the promised psychiatric treatment and support, they were placed in the care of Bible studies students, most of them under 30 and some with psychological problems of their own. Counselling consisted of prayer readings, treatment entailed exorcisms and speaking in tongues, and the house was locked down most of the time, isolating residents from the outside world and sealing them in a humidicrib of pentecostal religion. At 21, Naomi Johnson was a young woman with a bright future, halfway through a psychology degree at Edith Cowan University, working part-time and living an independent, social life. Yet she was plagued by anorexia. With her family’s modest means and her part-time job there was no way she could afford to admit herself into the one private clinic in Perth that specialised in adults with eating disorders. They had no private health insurance, and there were no publicly funded services in the state. So after much research Johnson found a link to Mercy Ministries on the internet. Months passed as she devoted herself to going through the application process, pinning all her hopes on what appeared to be a modern, welcoming
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Casey Anthony – True Faces During Trial

The True Faces Casey Anthony made during the Trial
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Man Faces Charges After Tackling Teen Prankster

A New York homeowner faces charges of child endangerment and harassment after tackling a teen who rang his doorbell late at night as part of a prank called ‘ding dong ditch.’ (July 22)
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